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Sous Vide Australia

Sous Vide Australia | Sous Vide and Low Temperature Cookery Equipment

Sous Vide Australia

Sous Vide Australia was formed to provide the hospitality industry, within Australia and New Zealand, local access to highest quality and specifically designed sous vide cookery equipment and supplies.

Sous Vide Australia is the exclusive importer of the sleek, modern and extremely accurate Polyscience Sous Vide Professional Immersion circulators.

Sous Vide Australia supplies Clifton digital water baths, Polyscience immersion circulators, Henkelman vacuum system, vacuum pouches, sous vide accessories, cookbooks, training and menu development.

In addition to product sales, Sous Vide Australia also provides training and assistance to seamlessly incorporate this type of cookery into your current business or new business design.

Sous Vide Australia offers a range of consulting services, from assisting in the correct equipment choices for your business to menu planning, product development and training courses.

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The art of cooking food with scientific understanding.

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