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Commercial Undercounter Glasswasher
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Commercial Undercounter Glasswasher

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  What to look at when you compare Commercial Undercounter Glasswasher quotes

Size Matters: First up, size! You want a glasswasher that fits snugly under your counter without hogging all the space. Also, check how many glasses it can clean in one go – you don’t want to be running it all day!
Need for Speed: Time is money, folks! Look for a glasswasher that does its job quick. A fast wash cycle means more glasses cleaned in less time – a total win for busy days.
Going Green: Let’s talk about being eco-friendly. An energy-efficient glasswasher not only saves the planet but also cuts down your bills. Look for one that’s easy on water and electricity.
Easy-Peasy: You want a machine that’s a breeze to use. User-friendly controls and straightforward settings mean less headache for you and your staff.
Sparkling Clean: This one’s a no-brainer – your glasswasher should get those glasses spotless and germ-free. Keep an eye out for strong wash arms and high-temp options.
Tough Cookie: You’ll need a glasswasher that can take a beating. Look for sturdy build quality – stainless steel is your best friend here.
Quiet as a Mouse: Unless you want a noisy beast under your counter, check the noise level. A quieter machine is always better, especially if you’ve got customers around.
Clean Freak: Maintenance can be a drag, so find a glasswasher that’s easy to clean and maintain. Bonus points for self-cleaning features!
Show Me the Money: Don’t just look at the price tag. A cheaper model might cost you more in the long run. Think about durability and operating costs.
Safety Net: Last but not least, the warranty. A good warranty and easy-to-get service can save you from a lot of headaches down the road.
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  WATCH - Top 10 Commercial Undercounter Glasswasher Buying Tips

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  Prices for Commercial Undercounter Glasswashers in Australia

In Australia, the price range for commercial underbench glasswashers varies based on factors such as size, capacity, brand, energy efficiency, and additional features. Here's an overview:
  Features Examples
Lower Price Range
Approximately $2,644 to $3,995 (excluding GST).
  • Basic functionalities
  • Standard wash cycles
  • Designed for ease of use
  • Compact, suitable for limited spaces
Entry-level models for smaller bars, cafes, or restaurants with moderate glasswashing needs.
Roughly $4,072 to $5,500 (excluding GST).
  • Better efficiency
  • Increased durability
  • Improved wash cycle options
  • Energy-saving modes
  • Higher washing capacity
More versatile models suitable for a wider range of businesses, including busier venues.
Higher Price Range
Approximately $7,799 and above (excluding GST).
  • Advanced technology
  • Superior cleaning efficiency
  • Customizable wash cycles
  • Energy-efficient operations
  • Noise reduction systems
  • Robust, reliable for busy commercial environments
Designed for high-volume, intensive use.
Specialized Models
  • Tailored for specific needs
  • High-capacity requirements
  • Advanced technological integrations
  • Specialized washing modes
  • Features for specific types of glassware or cleaning requirements
Varies widely depending on the specific requirements and features.
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  What are the running costs of Commercial Undercounter Glasswashers

The running costs of commercial undercounter glasswashers can vary depending on several factors. These costs typically include energy consumption, water usage, detergent and rinse aid, maintenance, and potential repairs. Here's a breakdown of these factors:
  • Energy Consumption: The amount of electricity used by the glasswasher will impact your energy bill. The efficiency of the machine plays a crucial role here. Look for energy-efficient models that have a lower kilowatt-hour (kWh) usage.
  • Water Usage: The amount of water used per cycle can significantly affect operating costs, especially in areas where water is priced at a premium. Models with lower water consumption per cycle are generally more cost-effective in the long run.
  • Detergent and Rinse Aid Costs: The type and amount of detergent and rinse aid required will add to the running costs. These costs can vary based on the type of chemicals used and the volume of washing.
  • Maintenance and Repairs: Regular maintenance is crucial to keep the glasswasher running efficiently and to avoid costly repairs. The cost of maintenance and potential repairs should be factored into the overall running costs.
  • Labor Costs: While not a direct running cost of the machine itself, the time staff spend operating and maintaining the glasswasher can also be considered part of its overall cost to your business.
  • Replacement Parts and Lifespan: Consider the availability and cost of replacement parts, as well as the expected lifespan of the glasswasher. A cheaper model that needs frequent repairs or replacement may end up being more expensive in the long term compared to a more reliable, albeit initially expensive, model.

To estimate the running costs, you would need to consider the specifics of the glasswasher model, including its energy and water consumption ratings, and factor in local utility costs and the frequency of use. A good practice is to compare models based on their energy and water efficiency ratings, which can often be found in the product specifications or through manufacturer information.

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  Other items bought with Commercial Undercounter Glasswashers

Equipment and machinery that are typically used in conjunction with a commercial undercounter glasswasher, designed to enhance efficiency, cleanliness, and functionality in a commercial kitchen or bar setting.
  1. Commercial Dishwasher: For handling larger loads or different types of dishware.
  2. Ice Maker: Essential in any bar or restaurant for serving cold drinks.
  3. Bar Sinks: Multiple sink units for manual washing and rinsing of glassware.
  4. Drainboards: Used for drying and organizing clean glassware.
  5. Glass Racks and Baskets: For organizing and washing different sizes and types of glasses.
  6. Water Softener: To prevent limescale buildup in the glasswasher and other appliances.
  7. Pre-Rinse Spray Units: For removing residue before washing in the glasswasher.
  8. Bar Refrigeration Units: For storing beverages and ingredients at optimal temperatures.
  9. Waste Disposal Units: To manage waste efficiently in the bar or kitchen area.
  10. Hand Sinks: Essential for maintaining hygiene standards in a commercial setting.
  11. Shelving Units: For storing glassware, utensils, and other supplies.
  12. Grease Traps: To maintain plumbing systems by trapping grease and solids.
  13. Chemical Dispensers: For precise dosing of cleaning chemicals in the glasswasher.
  14. Undercounter Refrigeration: Additional cooling storage in a space-saving design.
  15. Bar Mats: To provide a non-slip surface and catch spills.
  16. Wine Coolers: For keeping wine at the correct serving temperature.
  17. Beer Dispensers: To serve draft beer at the bar.
  18. Beverage Dispensers: For serving soft drinks and other non-alcoholic beverages.
  19. Work Tables: For preparation and organization in the kitchen or bar area.
  20. Food Processors: For preparing ingredients quickly in a commercial kitchen.


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