What Soft Serve machine is best for my business?

17 Mar 2022

Soft Serve Macxhines explained. Which one is best for my shop?

There are as many soft serve machines on the market as there are suppliers of bacon.

If we look at bacon suppliers, there are the low end budget suppliers that you would get at a supermarket, then there is the high end suppliers that you can only buy through your butcher.

Soft Serve machines are no different!

There is product that comes out of Asia, India, Turkey and the like.

Then there is product that comes out Italy and the USA.

What is the difference?

Componentry..Componentry..Componentry. That is the difference.

The more budget conscious manufacturers use lower grade stainless steel and lower grade components. Lower grade stainless steel will lead to pitting and a product that is icy and rough to eat. High grade stainless steel does not pit, leaving the product to always be smooth and creamy.

Cheaply manufactuered machines will very often lead to the lack of, if at all, supply of spares to replace those parts which were made on the cheap and break anyway. We can stand on the tallest mountain in Australia and shout "Manufacturers must supply spares under Australian Law for 7 years". Yes, well, uhm....Australian Law does apply in Asia.

When equipment is manufactured to a quality standard and not too a price, you can rest assured that your investment will pay dividends and not end up in the back store room.

When considering the purchase of a soft serve machine, please look beyond the purchase price and consider how much will it cost if you can't sell soft serve after you bought a cheaply manufactured machine.

I can not emphasize enough to always do your due diligence before spending any money.