How to get more life out your Ice Cream or Gelato Display

Customer view when the display isn't working
Customer view when the display isn't working

People often wonder why their ice cream or gelato goes soft, with a good reason.

Unfortunately, many an ice cream display or gelato cabinet suffers a shortened life span or may require major repairs, because the required regular maintenance simply does not get done.

Let me ask you these two simple questions.

1. If you covered your nose and mouth so that you couldn't breathe, how long would you last?

2. If you keep putting your hands into hot water, do you think it would burn your skin?

Well of course the answers to these questions are fairly obvious and perhaps I should not ask them. However, this is exactly what happens when a display does not have regular maintenance.

When we install a fully ventilated display, we ask the clients to do two things.

1. Keep the condensing coil free from dirt and debris, &

2. On a weekly basis, simply empty the cabinet, start a manual defrost and then turn the unit off overnight.


Doing these very simple two things will keep your display free from thousands of dollars of repairs, and of course, will stop your ice cream or gelato from going soft.


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