Hoshizaki – there's more to ice than meets the eye

There's a good chance you haven’t thought at length about the types of ice that go into your customers' beverage glasses. However, there are several different types of ice cubes used in the food service industry, and Hoshizaki ice makers can handle them all.

From square shaped cubes to flake ice, frozen liquid adds an aesthetic detail to drinks and cools them down.

Hoshizaki is a top ice maker manufacturer and has been for more than half a century. If you have even a basic familiarity with commercial freezers and commercial refrigeration products, you've probably heard the name mentioned. From specialty refrigerators like sushi cabinets to a more common appliance like an undercounter fridge, Hoshizaki excels at manufacturing reliable solutions that help keep things consistently chilled.

Because ice has a slow melt rate, it gives customers ample time to enjoy their beverages without noticing a watered down, diluted taste. Custom-built Hoshizaki ice machines can also be ordered so you can create very special kinds of cubes for particular needs.

Furthermore, ice helps improve the presentation of spirit drinks served in your bar. After all, when a guest orders something "on the rocks", you want those icy "rocks" to be uniform in size, and refreshingly cold. Ice allows bartenders to top up depleted glasses without making the liquid splash upwards, as well.

Whether you need a dedicated ice maker because the one built into your restaurant's upright fridge isn't robust enough, or you're surveying commercial ice storage options to find something that can match the pace of your business and avoid unnecessary waste, check out Hoshizaki's new line of ice makers.

Hoshizaki has been repeatedly recognised for making products that are safe, kind to the environment, and of high quality. Browse the updated range today at Alpha Catering Equipment to find your ideal size and type. This kind of capable equipment isn't just used in food service, but depended on by several other industries, such as entertainment, sports and mining. If you need ice in large volumes, Hoshizaki models can suit the needs of your business.


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