Beat the Heat this Summer with Manitowoc Ice Machines from Baker Refrigeration

As the Australian summer approaches, get ready to cool your customers down with reliably produced ice. Manitowoc ice machines from Baker Refrigeration are your go-to.

Ice Production: Manitowoc ice machines are renowned for their efficiency and reliability. They can produce large quantities of ice, ensuring you never run out, whether for your drinks or for keeping perishable food fresh.

Energy Efficiency: Manitowoc ice machines are designed with energy-efficient features.

Versatility: The machines offer various ice shapes and sizes, catering to diverse needs - from flaked ice for cocktails to nugget ice for soft drinks. You'll have the perfect ice for every occasion.

Durability: Manitowoc ice machines are built to last. Investing now means you'll be prepared not just for this summer but many more to come.

Expert Service: Baker Refrigeration is known for its service options. We offer installation, maintenance, and repair services ensuring your ice machine runs smoothly throughout the hot season.

Warranty: Manitowoc Ice Machines have great warranty periods on parts and labour ranging from 2 years depending on the model. 

Don't wait until the summer heat sets in! purchase a Manitowoc ice machine from Baker Refrigeration today. Keep your customers cool, refreshed, and ready for summer!


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