Why do you need an ice maker?

For many decades, having an ice maker machine has been the exception, not the rule.

Getting and installing these machines at home or commercial establishments supposed a big investment and abundant inconveniences. Now technology is on our side. Over the years, the best of technology was invested in getting more efficient and convenient solutions in refrigeration.

So, why do you need an ice maker machine? In the following lines, we will talk about some of the reasons for investing in this kind of product.

Convenient solutions for domestic use

Having an ice making machine isn’t an exclusive thing for commercial establishments and industrial businesses. Thanks for the convenience and comfort that these machines do offer, they had become an ideal companion at home.

Many of us have common refrigerators which can produce ice cubes in a practical way. However, this kind of equipment isn’t as half as efficient as dedicated ice making machines. The former isn’t also capable of producing high-quality ice cubes, affecting the final experience.

What high-end cocktails deserve

This remarkable art depends on high-quality ice cubes. It results impossible to offer exquisite cocktails if we don’t add ice cubes with enough quality.

Cocktail masters know well that ice plays a key role in the drinks they prepare. A low-quality ice cube can negatively affect the taste and flavor of the cocktail, ruining the experience. 

Satisfying special needs in healthcare

But ice production and application goes beyond commercial and domestic realms. Did you know that hospitals, for many different reasons, require a consistent stock of ice cubes ready to use? Because of this, it becomes illogic that, nowadays, a healthcare institution depends on a third-party ice making company for its daily consumption.

An ice making machine delivers countless benefits to healthcare institutions as these can get rid of an important burden. Getting independent from the third-party ice providers, hospital staff can take full control and have a constant, unlimited stock whenever is needed.

Why need to invest in a commercial ice maker machine

For home or work, an ice making machine is a very interesting and benefiting investment that, regardless of all the good things, it creates many questions and doubts among the potential customers.

An ice making machine that meets the expectations and provides the needed quality can, without a doubt, increase the economic performance of a business or the comfort and convenience at home. It’s difficult to directly deny the usefulness of this product, which can do wonders when it’s implemented in the right way.

The right taste for your drinks

A good reason for both domestic and business users is the taste of ice cubes produced by a high-quality machine. When we make ice ourselves in the most rudimentary fashion or choose to buy prefabricated ice in bags, there is a huge chance of this ice having an unpleasant, undesired taste.

Such taste in ice is completely capable of altering the drinks’ final taste. If we have a bar where we offer premium cocktails, using low-quality ice cubes is basically a deadly mistake. The preparations’ taste must be conserved pure, just like the cocktail master wants, protecting the result from any ice of poor quality.

Immediate availability

At home, we all know how is like to run out of ice cubes at the most critical moment. This is even worse if we take the situation to the service’s context. Relying on trays on the freezer or prefabricated ice in bags doesn’t provide the needed safety.

Having immediate availability of high-quality product is only possible with an ice making machine ready to work and get the job done. When we refer to bars, dance clubs, hotels, restaurants, and similar establishments, this availability also depends on the machine’s capacity to produce quality ice cubes in highly demanding environments.

Quality of the produced ice

The outstanding quality of the produced ice responds to the relevant necessity of using only but the best preparations, both for drinks and dishes.

A perfect ice cube cannot be achieved through the rudimentary, traditional methods that we all know. It isn’t possible to enjoy a high-quality product if we choose prefabricated ice neither because it’s being produced in industrial quantities and then gets packaged in a non-delicate fashion. During transport and distribution, the ice cubes in the bags meltdown and lose its proper shape.

Hygiene in production

A good ice making machine also offers the great advantage of hygiene. Producing ice at home is a process exposed to contamination and the ice coming from factories doesn’t provide us with any warranty in these terms.

Then, what a proper ice making machine allows us is to have the security of having a high-efficiency internal water filter that is working all the time for purification purposes. Also, there is no direct manipulation of the produced ice, which ensures us that external contamination will not affect the final product in any possible way.

Ease of use

The modern ice making machines have a very simple, straightforward way of working. These products do not require any manual manipulation nor anything similar.

The idea is to have the machine to do the work for us, demanding only but the minimum possible of human intervention, finishing the process when the ice cubes are successfully delivered, ready to use.

The importance of the right ice machine

Maintaining any kind of restaurant requires ice, lots of ice, and the only way to meet your frosty needs is with the right commercial ice machine. If your restaurant is stuck with an excessively large ice machine, you may be spending extravagant costs to make ice you don’t need.

This is not only wasteful and inefficient, but it’s an unnecessary financial investment doomed to melt away. On the other side of the cube, an undersized icemaker can be equally disastrous; imagine unsatisfied customers with lukewarm drinks and improperly chilled food that wilts alongside patron loyalty. Again, a potentially devastating expense to your business.

Icemakers aren’t cheap, so when shopping for your perfect frozen-water machine you need to consider two things: production necessity and storage capacity. You need to ensure that you are making enough ice to meet the needs of your customers and your kitchen without wanton ice cube creation. In order to discover the perfect ice machine for your restaurant, use the following strategy to roughly determine your daily ice needs.

Within the restaurant, have approximately 1.8 lbs of ice per customer; with cocktails, keep 3 lbs ice on hand per expected patron whereas soft drinks require about 8 oz per 16 oz drink. Catering companies and cafeterias usually should have about a pound per person to keep meals ideally chilled. Using your restaurant capacity and average daily visitors, you should be able to calculate how much ice to create per day.

If your restaurant typically serves a hundred people a day and half of them drink cocktails then you should have 180 lbs of ice with an additional 300 lbs for cocktails for a total of 480 lbs of ice daily. Once you’ve ascertained your ideal ice creation quota, direct your attention towards which ice machine is right for you.

The most convenient and space conscious icemakers come with built-in storage bins, whose capacity range from 80 lbs to 1100 lbs so you can find the perfect fit for your icy needs. 

Like a snowflake, not all ice is the same. It can come cubed, flaked or even in nuggets and the choice lies with you (although the right option is really just a matter of preference). While most restaurants opt for cubed ice, flakes or nuggets can work well with cocktails or soft drinks. Because of its smaller surface area, flake and nugget ice melt faster.

This can, however, be advantageous within the restaurant. Flake ice’s tendency to melt faster makes it a faster cooling agent and makes it perfect for quickly chilling a drink or for temporarily housing fresh seafood or chicken. Nugget ice is the midway point between the other two and goes perfectly in cocktails or sodas because they cool drinks quickly without melting away too soon.

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