Does my Dishwasher need an exhaust hood?

17 Feb 2022

Consultant's telling you need an exhaust hood for you pass thru dishwasher like Washtech XP or to save on a costly hood upgrade to a dishwasher with a condenser fitted like Washtech M2C - No No No

As a service technician I find myself servicing more and more pass thru dishwashers with the condenser system built in to avoid having an expensive exhaust for that dishwasher or customers are told that it is now required where retro fitting a hood is impracticable.

These machines are not only significantly more expensive, have more power requirements and a lot more things to go wrong. Everyone I spoke with who have installed this type of dishwasher all said that they were told that regulations required it.

During lock down I did a lot of research on the subject especially regarding Australian standards. I put forward questions and requests for clarity on the subject to the relevant Australian authority.

I got all my questions comprehensibly answered and an official ruling. In most cases neither a hood or a condenser type dishwasher is required. If you told you need an exhaust system call me. If you are ever challenged by an inspector I have it in print with letterhead that it is OK.