Weatherproof Outdoor Structure Installation For Pizza D’Asporto, Yarraville

Weatherproof Outdoor Structure Installation For Pizza D’Asporto, Yarraville

Located in the bustling inner city suburb of Yarraville in Melbourne, Pizza D’Asporto has been delighting locals with mouthwatering Italian cuisine for years. The only setback was the limited outdoor seating options, making it challenging to accommodate the increasing number of patrons, especially during Melbourne’s cold and wet winter months. To address this issue and enhance the dining experience, Weatherproof Outdoor Structure Installation Pizza D’Asporto decided to engage Instant Shade Umbrellas for the supply and installation of a weatherproof outdoor structure. This case study explores how this project transformed the restaurant’s outdoor space, providing an all-weather dining area and significantly increasing the restaurant’s seating capacity.


Weather: Melbourne’s weather is renowned for its unpredictability, with sudden rain or strong winds frequently disrupting outdoor dining plans. The restaurant required a solution that would allow patrons to dine comfortably regardless of the weather conditions.

Limited Seating Capacity: With an ever-increasing customer base, the restaurant faced a constant challenge of accommodating more diners without compromising on the dining experience.

Aesthetics and Ambiance: The restaurant owner aimed to create an outdoor dining space that seamlessly blended with the restaurant’s existing design and ambiance, ensuring a welcoming and attractive environment for patrons.

After careful consideration of the restaurant’s needs and objectives, Instant Shade Umbrellas proposed an elegant and functional solution: a weatherproof outdoor structure known as a Skyspan Panorama. The design would not only provide ample shade and shelter from rain but also integrate seamlessly with the restaurant’s aesthetic.


Australian Made custom outdoor structure: Instant Shade Umbrellas supplied a Skyspan Panorama fixed perimeter gazebo structure designed to perfectly fit the area.

Robust Construction: The outdoor structure was expertly engineered to provide maximum stability and durability. The use of high-quality materials and precise installation techniques ensured the structure’s longevity, even during challenging weather conditions.

Fully weatherproof: The tension membrane PVC canopy is 100% waterproof. Drop-down blinds were subsequently added to fully enclose the space. Diners can now enjoy their meals comfortably, irrespective of the weather outside.


Instant Shade Umbrellas executed the installation with utmost precision and professionalism. The project was completed within the agreed timeline, with minimal disruption to the restaurant’s operations. The experienced team ensured that the outdoor structure seamlessly blended with the restaurant’s surroundings, enhancing the overall dining experience.


The installation of the weatherproof outdoor structure had an immediate and transformative impact on Pizza D’Asporto:

Increased Seating Capacity: The new outdoor dining area provided additional seating, allowing the restaurant to cater to a larger number of customers and meet the growing demand during peak hours and special events.

Enhanced Customer Experience: Patrons could now enjoy their dining experience without worrying about unfavorable weather conditions. The comfortable and all-weather outdoor space attracted more customers and encouraged repeat visits.

Aesthetically Pleasing: The elegant design of the outdoor structure complemented the restaurant’s ambiance, adding a touch of sophistication to the overall dining space.

Return on Investment: The investment in the weatherproof outdoor structure resulted in a significant return on investment for the restaurant, both financially and in terms of customer satisfaction.


The successful weatherproof outdoor structure installation project by Instant Shade Umbrellas reinforced Pizza D’Asporto’s reputation as one of Yarraville’s most a sought-after dining destinations. By providing an all-weather outdoor dining area, the restaurant enhanced its seating capacity, customer experience, and overall business profitability. The project exemplifies the importance of innovative solutions in catering to customers’ needs while embracing the unique challenges posed by Melbourne’s weather.

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