Umbrella Base Options - How to Safely Secure Your Umbrella

15 Sep 2021

When it comes to securing your umbrella, the most important thing is that the umbrella is adequately stabilised. A free standing base is a great option, as these can be moveable to suit your needs.

A main benefit of choosing a freestanding base for your umbrella, is that it allows you to move the umbrella around your patio or café outdoor seating area. This is especially important if there are several furniture settings that you want to shade with the one umbrella (eg. two different areas), or if you would like to move the umbrella as the sun moves throughout the day.

When it comes to cafés, freestanding bases are the quickest and cheapest option as they don’t require organising council permission for umbrella installation, dial before you dig, etc. However for safety, your bases will require lots of weight (eg. additional sandbags) that your staff may have to bring in and out each day.

If you don’t plan to move your umbrella around, then select the biggest and heaviest base you can find. Our concrete bases are very heavy and are a great option for this scenario.

If you need to move your umbrella and base regularly – for example a café that brings umbrellas in and out each day – it is better to select a less heavy base and add weight through additional sandbags. Our Café Series flat base plates weigh less than 20kg so can be carried by one person safely. A set of two sandbags adds an additional 30kg but can also be easily carried. 

Another option of adding stability to your umbrella is a table – if the umbrella is positioned through the hole of a table, this will provide additional stability.

We are more than happy to help you ascertain the right amount of weight and size of base for your umbrellas.