Umbrella Base Options - Part 2 - Fixed Bases

Supplier: Instant Shade Umbrellas
15 September, 2021

Fixed installations are the preferred option for maximum stability and safety of your umbrella. They are definitely the best option for larger umbrellas and cantilever umbrellas.

For a cafe or restaurant that requires installation into the footpath, or a public area, our specially designed inground socket & sleeve kits are the best option. They feature a self-closing lid that closes over the hole when the umbrella is removed, which provides a nice flush finish. 

Some councils now require fixed umbrella installation in public spaces like footpaths, to prevent tripping hazards. 

Keep in mind however that even if an umbrella is installed, it is still not a permanent structure. The umbrella should be closed and securely strapped when not in use, or in anticipation of strong winds. This would also mean removing/bringing umbrellas inside at close of business. 

Umbrellas can be installed on pretty much any surface, but the installation method will vary and different installation fittings will be required. If you aren't installing into a public area or footpath, some other options are as follows: 

  • concrete patio/slab – fix a base plate to the concrete
  • timber decking – fix a base plate to the decking and reinforce the decking with additional timber underneath (known as a “nog” or a “noggin”)
  • garden bed or lawn – dig a hole and pour a concrete footing with an inground fitting in it for the umbrella to attach to

We are happy to provide expert advice on the most suitable installation option for your business. We always recommend hiring the services of a professional to install any of our umbrellas. This way, you can rest assured that the job is done properly.