Enhancing Food Safety and Efficiency with Friginox Blast Chiller/Freezers

When it comes to preserving the quality and integrity of fresh food through blast chilling or blast freezing, precision and control are paramount.

Friginox, a leader in this field since 1982, has been at the forefront of developing a comprehensive range of blast chilling and blast freezing solutions for the global hospitality industry.

The Friginox TS7 Series: A Leap in Innovation

The latest addition to their impressive lineup is the Friginox TS7 series, which introduces a 7-inch intuitive capacitive glass touch screen control panel. This technology brings an unprecedented level of simplicity and accuracy to any kitchen operator’s tasks. Easy-to-understand icons facilitate navigation through a wide selection of cycles and data. With 40 user programs and multiple phases per cycle at your disposal, you can trust that your fresh food will be chilled or frozen precisely every time. Additionally, operators and staff will appreciate the convenience of quick access to their 9 most frequently used cycles.

Tailored Chilling and Freezing Modes

The TS7 series comes equipped with a range of standard chilling and freezing modes, including Soft Chilling, Hard Chilling, Soft Freezing, Hard Freezing, and the innovative Self Adaptive I-Chilling. These modes offer a seamless way to store food at the optimal temperature. Moreover, the new models feature additional modes such as ice-cream hardening, ventilated drying, and raw fish sanitation, making them well-equipped to tackle the diverse demands of a modern commercial kitchen.

User-Friendly Efficiency

Friginox’s reputation for user-friendliness continues with the TS7 series. The self-adaptive I-Chilling function eliminates guesswork by collecting data from the multipoint core probe and automatically adjusting the chilling cycle. This not only extends the food’s shelf life but also reduces food waste and costs.

Friginox mx75ats7 15x 1/1gn tray reach in blact chiller/freezer

Energy Efficiency at Its Best

Friginox blast chillers are designed for energy efficiency. They automatically start the fans when the door is closed and stop them when the door is opened. The injected polyurethane foam insulation, a substantial 60mm thick, ensures exceptional rigidity and durability. Friginox offers a broad range of reach-in blast chiller/freezers, roll-in blast chillers, or combination units, as well as built-in blast chilling refrigeration systems, catering to various commercial kitchen needs.

Reducing Food Waste with Blast Freezing

Food waste has far-reaching environmental and economic consequences. Blast freezing plays a crucial role in reducing food waste by swiftly freezing food products. The quicker the process, the better the food integrity is preserved. Friginox’s Blast Chiller impressively reaches ice-cold temperatures of -30°C from room temperature in no time, minimizing the risk of food spoilage.

Friginox blast chillers should be an integral part of your commercial kitchen operation, ensuring food safety, reducing waste, and promoting efficiency. Make the smart choice and elevate your kitchen’s capabilities with Friginox.

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