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Bakery Display Cases | Pastry Case

Supplier: Slimline Warehouse Display Shops

Pastry cases help you sell more baked goods at your business, as the included trays let you display your items for customers to choose from with ease.

Price Guide (Inc GST): AUD $205

The acrylic bakery display uses food grade polycarbonate trays that fit into slots within the case at different heights so you can have items of different size in the cabinet! The top shelf may even be angled down to make viewing of items easier to help further entice potential customers.

This bakery display cabinet, acrylic pastry case is made from 5mm thick clear acrylic that offers a full view of items placed within as well as a durable display that will last on countertops for years to come. The bakery display cabinets have a small footprint, with the tiered interior allowing many goods to be shown. Dual-swing doors on the back provide access to the interior so that employees can restock items as well as grab them after a customer has made their choice.


  • Pastry case allows for different sizes of goods to be held on tiered supports inside.
  • Showing a large selection is easy with the included food grade acrylic trays.
  • Rounded front acrylic case is made of 5mm thick clear acrylic for easy viewing.
  • Back of display has double swing door to access interior of case for placing food items.

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