What is the best portable staging solution?

Supplier: SICO South Pacific
13 October, 2019

Selecting your portable staging should be an easy process. There are many options available and it can come down to your budget, staff available and storage space.

One of the most important design aspects of new developments and refurbishments of today’s function and live entertainment venues is maximising space and minimising costs when working with multi-use areas.

Portable staging has long been the solution for compact spaces which have multiple uses within one day. Finding a balance between an easy to operate system and functional design is important to not only management but for the staff who are using the equipment daily.

Long time industry staging manufacturer SICO offers the perfect solution with the popular SICO® 1800 series stage system. Each section of the 1800 Mobile Folding Stage is designed to be handled by one person, so cost savings in labour and set-up times are substantial. The unit simply rolls out of storage and folds down for use, there are no loose parts to assemble saving time and extra costs in purchasing missing components.

Since each stage unit is self-contained, there is no need for bulky deck or frame storage trucks. This unique feature not only saves time and money, but also valuable storage space. 1800 Series stage units come in a range of sizes and with an option of single or multi heights as well as a range of steps, drapes and guardrails.