Moffat brings premium Italian baking style to Australia

Tony McNab says the most defining feature of Tagliavini baking equipment is the extraordinarily high level of quality.
Tony McNab says the most defining feature of Tagliavini baking equipment is the extraordinarily high level of quality.

In February 2012, Moffat joined forces with one of one of Italy's premium equipment manufacturers, Tagliavini, to offer Australian bakers an impressive new option when it comes to baking.

Founded in Parma, Italy, Tagliavini has been producing high-quality, high-performing baking equipment since 1934. From humble beginnings, their ovens are now used by artisan bakers, confectioners, famous chefs and well-known retail groups across Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, North America and Oceania. 

Here, Tony McNab, Moffat's national sales manager for bakery, shares his thoughts on Moffat's new Tagliavini offering, what makes it so exceptional, and what it means for baking equipment in Australia.

According to McNab, perhaps the most defining feature of Tagliavini baking equipment is the extraordinarily high level of quality - with the range renowned for its levels of refinement and precision.

"Tagliavini has always been recognised as a high quality brand, and their attention to detail really sets them apart," he says.

Here in Australia, the range includes modular deck ovens, ovens for baking, pizza ovens, rotary rack ovens and setter style deck ovens.

When it comes to manufacturing, Tagliavini uses only the finest materials, and their workmanship is meticulous. This means their machines are reliable, perform to the very highest standards, and will last for years to come - which makes them ideally matched to the Moffat brand. Every phase of construction is also subject to painstaking inspection and rigorous quality tests.

However, as with any equipment, it's the feedback from customers that's perhaps the most telling - and so far, reports have been glowing.

"Everyone who has installed our product has been ecstatic with the bake result," says McNab.

Importantly, despite its traditional roots, Tagliavini is a company that continually looks towards the future, seeking new practices and technologies that can improve their workmanship and the performance of their products. In 1960, for instance, Tagliavini was the only company manufacturing ovens with L-shaped tubing - which gave them a distinct advantage in terms of efficiency.  Then, in 1985, Tagliavini was one of the very first companies to manufacture electric setter ovens.

Today, McNab points out, Tagliavini is committed to making their equipment as energy efficient as possible.

"Tagliavini have done a lot of work to reduce the energy consumption of their entire range", he says. "In fact, they've recently managed to achieve a forty per cent reduction in energy consumption across the majority of their oven range."

Another big consideration, McNab says, is Tagliavini's versatility.

"When choosing Tagliavini, customers have the ability to select particular features depending on their needs," says McNab.

They may, for instance, require a time and temperature display, or a digital, programmable control panel that can store up to 99 items. But customers needn't invest in these features if they won't be of any benefit.

Despite its high-end appeal, it's not just high-end companies who can benefit.

"Tagliavini baking ovens can be used by a vast range of customers - from the local pizza store, to a retail bakery, to a large-scale industrial bakery," says McNab. 

He also says that it's the Tagliavini modular decks that are the most sought after in the current market.

"The modular deck ovens are proving to be very popular with both artisan bakers and traditional Australian baking operators, in that they deliver a perfect bake result across all products, while offering the versatility of a multi-chamber modular design."

In any case, it seems Tagliavini is certainly set to continue to grow in popularity here in Australia.

"With more and more people wanting to enjoy high-end, artisan baked products in the European tradition, Tagliavini's products are only going to become more and more popular," says McNab. 

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