Moffat’s products to enhance 2018 cooking trends in Australia

Supplier: Moffat Australia
08 March, 2018

The New Year is coming and with it, expert's predictions of what the latest food trends of 2018 will look like.

We're loving what's forecasted to hit Australia's commercial kitchens next year – we're not just seeing delicious food trends, but also more ethical practices of cooking as well.

Here's a list of some of the 2018 food trends we're most looking forward to and the Moffat products you can use to bring them into your kitchen. 

2018 food trend: Edible flower/plant inspired diet

First, there's a whole new way to garnish your dishes, and it's with these perfectly delicate, edible flowers. And don't worry, Taco Tuesday isn't dead yet, it's simply getting reinvented with a lettuce wrap for a healthier twist. The plant inspired diet is going to start working its way into menus, removing its carbohydrate counterparts. This trend is driven by people like health conscious Australians who are really starting to pay more attention about the foods they're consuming.

Moffat product: Friginox

A plant based diet is only as healthy so long as it retains the nutrients and freshness of the product in question. That means, in order to ensure you're serving the highest quality of food, you have to use a refrigeration system like a blast chiller / freezer to store them until they're ready for us. The Friginox self-adapting, intelligent chilling automatically adjusts its temperature depending on the product inside, ensuring that your flavours are perfectly preserved – nutrients and all. 

2018 food trend: Mushrooms

All Australians are about to jump on board this nutrient-dense bandwagon! That's because even people who are vehemently opposed to this edible fungi can incorporate them into their meals. How, you ask? By making them into a powder! Expect more mushroom burgers to start cropping up, but also be prepared for its powder form to start flavouring everything from your stock standard broths to giving more earthy flavour to your morning coffee!

Moffat product: Waldorf

Because there are so many ways to enjoy mushrooms, you'll need a stovetop that's just as adaptable. Waldorf 800 Series does just that with its speed, power and efficiency that delivers full heat control on its range of products, from bench tops, chargrills, cooktops, deep fryers and more. 

2018 food trend: Decline in food waste 

Australia's commercial kitchens and their chefs are starting to think a little more ethically with their practices. This includes everything from using all the parts of an animal (from the meat to the bones) and vegetables (stems and leaves) to storage so there is little to no waste left over at the end of meal prep. 

Moffat product: Turbofan

The Turbofan oven was designed with reducing food waste in mind – they're well ahead of this trend! These ovens have multiple different cooking methods so you can truly use every part of the animal or vegetable with the appropriate recipe. Turbofan also comes with new Holding Cabinets allowing you to serve more food with less food wastage.  

For more information about how Moffat can help prepare your commercial kitchen for the 2018 food trends, contact our team today.