Lease out your kitchen equipment before buying

Supplier: Alpha Catering Equipment By: Shaun Rynne
09 August, 2016

Out of all the expenses that one has to spend on starting or running a restaurant, kitchen equipment demands the most. At that time, it becomes a bit tough to invest the fair amount in every aspect.

If you are already running your restaurant and looking to upgrade it or start a new restaurant, then you must be aware of the costs of kitchen equipment. There are typically two options in regards to kitchen equipment:

  • Buying new equipment
  • Commercial kitchen equipment leasing.

This article discusses the advantages of leasing out the equipment before buying one.

The dilemma of choosing between the leasing and buying options is draining. If you have enough money for managing every other aspect of opening up the restaurant, be it advertising, furniture, etc., then buying new equipment won’t matter much to you. But, if you want to save bucks from every single opportunity, then the other option is for you. Read on and know why leasing out the equipment is a better choice.

Saving Money: The heavy machines demand a hefty price. Considering that you have just started off your business, you may not be able to pay that heavy amount. At that time, leasing seems a better option as it saves a lot of money on the necessary equipment.

Repairing: If you have an equipment, it can break down down very easily and frequently. And, if you are the owner of the equipment, then you have to pay the repair costs from your pocket. On the other hand, if you have leased the equipment, then the cost of repairing will not be your responsibility. Again, you get a chance to save here!

Upgrading Machines: When you buy a set of equipment, a better model with better functionality usually makes its way in the market in a few years time. To obtain that new model, more money would need to be spent in addition to selling your former equipment at a low price. However, the moment your leasing contract comes to an end, you can get new and advanced equipment and that too, without investing more money.

Condition of Equipment: You may have also considered buying second-hand equipment if you are not in a financial position to purchase new ones. But, you can never assimilate the real condition of the equipment until you start using it. You may regret your decision later on. In that case, when you lease the equipment, you get totally reliable machines.

So, these are some of the advantages of commercial kitchen equipment leasing. You need to know the requirements of your business, know what equipment you would need right away and what equipment can wait before making the way towards your kitchen, then lease out the equipment accordingly.

There are some other factors as well that you should keep in mind; like – the interest rate, the tenure of the agreement, etc. Lastly, sometimes companies also let you buy the leased equipment at a discounted price after the tenure is complete.