Is Asian manufactured equipment really any better for the savings?

Stainless Steel depends on  quality
Stainless Steel depends on quality
14 Feb 2022

Often, customers are looking for a bargain, but at what prices does a bargain become a nightmare?

In the world of Ice Cream & Gelato equipment, we are often challenged by the price difference when it comes to the country of origin.

Unfortuantely, what many don't know is that all manufacturing is made to a price somewhere along the line. As the price comes down, then some of the quality disappears.

Let's look at Stainless Steel. Typically, you would not expect stainless steel to rust. Well, that is not quite right. It depends on the quality of the stainless steel. Lower quality stainless steel will rust very quickly.

Now, if we consider components, in many cases, components are made from inferior metals and plastics. By using inferior products in the builds, the cost of manufacturing cvomes down and so then does the end price of the product.

In the world of Ice Cream and & Gelato equipment, it is most defintly a case of that cheaper is not always better.

If your budget allows for better quality and large capacity equipment to allow for business expansion, then please consider it because you never know what tomorrow will bring.