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Comparison of heater coverage: short wave verses other infrared

Supplier: SBH Solutions By: Nigel Smalls
10 July, 2018

We have looked at the efficiency of heaters in the three parts of the infrared spectrum to make comparisons of relative performance and cost effectiveness to purchase and run.

Because short wave infrared heating is 92% efficient and minimally affected by air movement, one 2000w heater can heat the equivalent of 4 similarly powered far infrared, 3 similarly powered medium infrared and 2 gas bottle heaters.  In other words, the capital cost of heating an area is less than any other form of heating and then the running cost of heating the area is also much less.

We have prepared a comparison diagram (see link attached) that shows this disparity in performance.  If you have a large open space or outdoor area to heat, there can be no doubt that short wave infrared is the energy efficient and budgetary way to go. Installation is cheaper, instant heat means no pre-heating, and low power consumption makes for a happy bank balance, whether you are comparing to electric heaters or gas heaters.

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Cost Comparison Short Wave Infrared heating verses other Forms