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SBH Solutions | Energy efficient heating and cooling products

SBH Solutions

SBH Solutions is an Australian company whose interest is to improve its customers’ bottom-line performance through reduction in energy intensity in heating and cooling. We partner with companies focused on using natural processes to reduce electricity consumption. With heating, our short-wave infrared heaters provide INSTANT comfort and targeted warmth, just like the sun coming out from behind a cloud. With cooling, our EcoMESH uses the natural adiabatic effect to pre-cool air prior to it entering air conditioning units to reduce the stress on really hot days and save excessive cooling bills.

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Energy is a significant cost in running any hospitality venue.
SBH Solutions' objective is to supply products that will reduce this cost, both in winter and summer.
For winter warmth at a reduced cost, try our short-wave infrared heaters which give focused comfort to people without wastefully heating the environment.
For summer, we offer relief to your air conditioning plant by providing cost effective pre-cooling to lower the temperature of the air as it enters the cooling or refrigeration cycle - no more costly enforced shutdowns when you least need it!
As costs rise, be the one who makes a difference, not only by doing the best energy deal that you can, but by pushing ahead with COST REDUCTION.

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