6 displays to incorporate in your in-store marketing strategy in 2021

Supplier: Slimline Warehouse Display Shops
04 March, 2021

In this article, we bring to you a list of 6 marketing displays that you could incorporate in 2021, so that your brand reaches new heights!

Brick and mortar stores are in aggressive competition at all times. When you brand your company, you should market or pitch your products and services so that it reflects the core image of your company in a professional and attractive manner.

Snap Frame

There are different sizes and features available when you are looking for snap frames for in the vicinity of your store. Our clip frame systems are easy to install and allow you to change the graphics within seconds.


Attract more people to your brand by putting up catchy messages or seasons’ greetings outside your store. Make sure that you place it in a weatherproof area, so that it does not fade. Alternatively, you can purchase one of our 100% waterproof a-boards which can withstand all weather conditions.

Wall Hanging Posters

You can either hang posters up the window or from the ceiling all over your store. It looks neat and lively, with minimal installation time and space required. Customers perceive hanging posters to be catchier and are always on the lookout for promotions and offers in these posters.

Standing LED Light Box

Make use of eye-catching LED light box stands in populated areas. Your customised poster-sized displays will stand apart from all your competitors advertising.

Tablet Holder

Providing interactive and informative displays for your customers improves their in-store experience and ultimately helps them make informed purchases. Having a tablet holder that can rotate 360-degrees would have an added level of convenience, as users can use it in both landscape and portrait mode.

Charging Dock

Create the ultimate interactive display with an iPad and mobile device charging kiosk. These contemporary designs keep customers in your store longer, resulting in more sales.