3 Pieces Of Countertop Equipment That Can Save Space

Supplier: Alpha Catering Equipment
16 January, 2018

Arranging a commercial kitchen or a kitchen that will produce delicious and consistent food for your catering and hospitality business is a crucial task.

The reasons for that are the huge investment and the amount of research that you have to undertake in order to ensure that you are buying all the right equipment that will help you retain a consistent client base, quality and hygiene. Outfitting a big kitchen is quite different from renovating your home kitchen.

Once you start doing it, you will realise that important kitchen appliances, like the convection ovens, refrigerators and washing area, tend to occupy a large space in your kitchen, which leaves you with a restricted space to include all the other equipment as well as counter space, not to mention breathing space for you and your kitchen staff. Most of the bigger appliances take up most of the available space as well as budget. In order to save both money and space, here is some kitchen equipment that will take less space in the kitchen ad serve a variety of functions.

Counter-Top Griddles

If your kitchen doesn’t have the space for a standalone griddle, a countertop griddle is probably the next best bet. It will allow you to grill or fry eggs, vegetables, toast buns, grill or caramelise meat and toast food in large batches. Having this equipment means that every ingredient in your menu that needs to be fried, dry toasted or re-heated can be put onto the griddle, from where it can be transferred steaming hot into the plate. What is best is that it won’t take much space and its multi-functionality will help you take full advantage of it. The best counter-top griddles available in the market are Anvil FTA0600 Flat Top Griller and Apuro Stainless Steel Griddle AUS Plug.

Commercial Deep Fryers

Who doesn’t love fried goodies, and which hospitality business or restaurant doesn’t have food that has least one fried component on every dish? Whether it’s crispy fried chicken, donuts or perfectly golden fries, commercial deep fryer will provide you with perfectly cooked and evenly coloured food every time in a short amount of time. They don’t require a lot of space and have the ability to regulate temperature for an indefinite amount of time, ensuring that each batch of food is perfectly cooked and aesthetically appealing. Choose from the best countertop deep fryers such as Anvil FFA0001 Single Pan Deep Fat Fryer and Roband F15 Counter Top Fryer Single Pan - 5.0 lt.

Induction Cooktops

Induction cook tops allows you to place many pans onto a single cook top to ensure that more dishes can be prepared at a time, enhancing the overall efficiency of your kitchen. Their temperature regulation and ability to heat up to high temperatures in a matter of minutes make them perfect for a busy kitchen. Moreover, they will require less counter space than a traditional gas stove. The best models for induction cook tops are CookTek MSP.8000.400 Heavy Duty Single Hob Induction Stock-Pot and CookTek MC14004.400 Heavy Duty 4 Hob Induction Cook Top.