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Zip Heaters

Zip Heaters was the first in the world to develop and market a range of small instant boiling water heaters, storing water at boiling point ready for instant use.

Zip instant boiling water heaters save time, because there is no waiting for water to boil, save energy, because they are far more energy efficient than any kettle, and save money, due to advanced technology minimizing power consumption.

Today, Australian designed and Australian made Zip instant boiling water systems of many kinds are used daily around the world by millions of people and are exported from Australia to meet demand in more than sixty countries.

Zip is a long-established Australian company operating under the same ownership since 1962, with wholly owned subsidiaries in the United Kingdom and New Zealand, a joint venture manufacturing and marketing operation in South Africa, plus distributors covering Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Cyprus, Philippines, Middle East and China.

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