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Which Turbofan oven is right for you?

Supplier: Moffat Australia
28 February, 2018

Choosing the commercial oven that will fulfil the needs of your food service business is no small feat.

With so many options available, making the wrong choice can not only hinder your kitchen’s output, but it could impact the consistency and quality of your products.  Fortunately, the team at Moffat is here to help you find the best solution from our best selling Turbofan oven range.

Which Turbofan Oven is Right For You?

Here’s an overview of the range to help you find the right oven for your operation. Moffat’s range of convection ovens and combi ovens have been designed to give you the capabilities you want, and the reliability you need to produce quality food, every time.

Turbofan 20 Series

The Turbofan 20 Series encompass smaller convection ovens that are perfect for operations with a restricted footprint, such as cafes, cafeterias and food trucks.

With heavy duty door hinges and easy clean glass, the Turbofan 20 Series is built to last, while providing even, consistent results for cooking and baking.

Turbofan 30 Series 

A versatile range, Turbofan 30 Series convection ovens will suit small to mid-size operations such as cafes, restaurants and catering operations.

With a convection fan and the capacity for moisture injection, 30 Series ovens provide optimum results whether you’re cooking proteins or desserts. They also allow for a higher production rate than the 20 Series, while remaining compact in size.

Bakery operations could also consider for the Turbofan P Series, which are Turbofan 30 series ovens equipped with prover system components.

Perfect for the quick service industry, the Turbofan 30 Series with H Series holding cabinets are designed to keep food warm, so it’s ready to serve when needed.

Combi ovens/Turbofan 40 Series

The Turbofan 40 Series range is designed to give restaurants and gourmet cafes a range of functionalities to produce high-quality menu offerings. These versatile combi ovens can use convection, steam mode or a combination of the two to cook, steam, regenerate and slow cook.

The combi steam ovens enable chefs to utilise various cooking techniques such as sous-vide and slow cooking for greater creativity. In addition, the Turbofan 40 Series  Digital also includes an exclusive automatic cleaning system with replaceable liquid detergent cartridges – for easy clean up.

Finally, like to know more…

Ready to upgrade your commercial kitchen with a Turbofan oven? Whether you’re cooking for a small restaurant or a sports stadium, Moffat will help to find the best solution for your operation. Get in touch with our expert team to find out more.