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Tru Blu Beverages

Whether it's one of our branded products or one of our contract-packed beverages, chances are at some stage, you have enjoyed a Tru Blu Beverages product!

In fact 1 in 6 beverages purchased by Australian consumers through supermarkets, is made by Tru Blu Beverages! That's a pretty impressive track record!

What's even more impressive is the fact that we are 100% Australian owned! There is only a handful of beverage companies that can make this claim. We employ 400 people nationally, making us an important manufacturer in the Australian business sector. Our state of the art factories in 3 states and offices in each major capital city means that we have the manufacturing and distribution facilities to be one of Australia's foremost beverage manufacturers and marketers. In fact, we are the no. 3 non-alchoholic, non-dairy beverage manufacturer in Australia!

We make some of Australia's most respected brands: Pub Squash, Waterfords Mineral Water, Diet Rite and Wicked Energy Drink. These are brands that Australian families have come to love and trust! What's more, we pack some of Australian supermarkets' most popular Private Label or Generic brands! If you've purchased a Generic soft drink from one of the major supermarkets, chances are, it was made by Tru Blu Beverages! Speak to us if you'd like to discuss contract-packing opportunities.

As well as non-alcoholic beverages, Tru Blu Beverages packs alcoholic beverages. This includes our own brands as well as contract-packed alcoholic products. So speak to us if you'd like to explore contract-packing opportunities for alcoholic beverages.

Finally, Tru Blu Beverages has set its sights beyond the domestic market and is exporting products to Asia and beyond. Talk to us if you want to explore selling and distribution opportunities in these markets.

That's the story of Tru Blu Beverages – the one stop shop for all your beverage needs. And most importantly, refreshingly 100% Australian.

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