Transform your home or business with an ice maker

Supplier: Ice Machines Australia
05 October, 2018

There are so many great benefits to having your own ice maker, whether you're relaxing at home, entertaining, travelling, or even boating.

As leading suppliers of ice machines in Australia, we understand the benefits well. We've put together this list to get you excited about ideas for your ice maker, and to help you decide on which model is right for you when browsing ice machines for sale

Quench that thirst

The most obvious benefit of an ice maker is simply having ice on hand to put in your drink. This might not sound like much, but in the height of summer when you get home from work or come in from a day of gardening, it’ll feel like the ultimate luxury. No lukewarm tap water or tepid scotch for you – just an ice cold drink and a comforting clink

Keeping the guests happy

Do you love to entertain? Can’t go a week without having friends around for a few drinks? Well, with your own ice machine you can be the host with the most! Not only will your guests have access to ice cubes to pop in their drinks, but if you want to make fancy summer cocktails you now have all the ice you need on hand. Never again will you have to lug those awkward bags of ice from the servo and then stress over where to dump it all.

Many home ice makers can even be programmed to produce more or less ice at certain times. This means you can be efficient, setting your machine up to produce more for the party, then wind down for the next day.

Of course, these benefits also apply to business. You can program your machine to produce more during busy periods and use your ice-cold drinks as a great business attraction.

Desserts and slushies

An ice machine can turn your house into a wonderland for kids. All you need is an ice crusher attachment and some syrup flavours to create homemade slushies to your heart’s content. You can also use the crushed ice to make other drinks and desserts, like smoothies, milkshakes, and thick shakes. Ice cream makers can also be integrated with your ice machine to create customised ice cream flavours right in your own home.

If you’re running a diverse business in the food industry, you can use your ice machine for drinks, desserts, slushies and much more. It’s an easy way to save on costs while maintaining a diverse menu.

A moveable ice feast

Most people think of home ice makers as being installed in the kitchen, but there are actually many portable models available. These are perfect for events held in venues such as halls or club houses. They are small and easy to use and move. Simply set your up on a bench or table and you’ll have ice on hand for the whole event. Built-in ice machines can also become portable if installed on a boat or in your caravan. This is a great way to take comfort and luxury with you when you’re adventuring.

Barbeques and outdoor dining

If you have friends around for a barbeque you don't want to keep running inside for ice. Luckily there are outdoor ice machines available, so you can have everything conveniently in reach, allowing you to relax and enjoy time with friends. If you like serving up cold cuts or chilled seafood like prawns, a flake ice machine comes in handy too. They create thin flakes of ice that are perfect for keeping food chilled, just like at a fish market or deli.

Do you work at a rooftop bar or have an alfresco dining area at your café or restaurant. The same benefits can apply to your working life too.