One of the most important equipment to consider when opening a food outlet store of any size is suitable refrigeration. We all know that without proper refrigeration, you cannot have proper food.

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Refrigeration units are like the wheels in a commercial kitchen or a corner cafe. Therefore it is vital to ensure that you have the right units for your needs both in terms of your menu and space.

When searching for commercial refrigeration, there are several things you need to remember to ensure that you buy a unit that will suit your needs and which will give you value for your money. What are some of the things to look at when purchasing the right unit for your refrigeration needs?


This is the most limiting factor for all businesses requiring commercial refrigeration. So before you buy the massive jumbo double door fridge or the slim single door merchandiser – have a look at where you want to keep the unit. Once you have decided on the space, get your measuring tape and measure up the width, depth and height – make sure you leave enough room at the back to allow for good airflow.


Every business would like to cut unnecessary costs and wastage of energy. In refrigeration, you have to be careful because this is one of the most used units in a commercial kitchen or restaurant. As such, you want to make the most of the unit without losing its efficiency. So how do you determine which unit will be the best? Well, first you need to know what you will be using the refrigeration unit for – is it merchandising drinks, cakes, flowers or storing ingredients? Secondly, will be you be letting customers access the items in the fridge because you intend to keep it for front end use – or do you only want staff to access the fridge?

All this will help you determine the right efficiency by ensuring you get the right type from either a chest type or standing door type. There are also those that come with split doors which are the most efficient. Because only one half of the fridge is open at any one time, the other half retains the cold air and thus efficiency is improved.


Are you the type that likes to keep things clean (which is a good thing for a restaurant!) then you surely need refrigeration that comes on wheels! Having wheels on your fridge is convenient for a number of reasons like mobility for cleaning, transport and re-arranging your kitchen or shop to give it a fresh look. Castors do not come as standard features in all refrigeration units, but they can always be installed as optional features.

Lastly, get the advice of experts who can give you the right brand and price for your style and pocket. So contact Australian Catering Equipment Supplies, who can give you the best deals and service for your money. With a wide range of refrigeration and commercial catering equipment items, we know we can deliver to your expectations!

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