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Protech Commercial Kitchens

Protech Commercial Kitchens | Commercial Catering & Food Equipment. Design

Protech Commercial Kitchens

PCK Protech Commercial Kitchens is a design/ construct and food service equipment specialist company with the aim to supply the most efficient and cost-effective commercial equipment in the quickest time-frame and with the least downtime for our clients!

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PCK 'Your Restaurant and Cafe Design and Equipment Specialist for your Hospitality Projects!'
We look at equipment from the chef's point of view and what's most important to deliver the best results for the dining customers. To achieve this, our chef-owner produces the most efficient layouts with the best practice workflows and efficiencies and through this process, our clients end up with amazing chef-friendly environments that guarantee overall success for the business.
We have designed and successfully approved hundreds of food businesses with council or private certifiers in the past 10 years!

We supply, install and service Commercial Restaurant equipment, Catering equipment and any brand of Food Service equipment including POS – Point of Sale Equipment, Gas Ranges, Woks and Chinese cooking equipment, Deep fryers and Combi Ovens and all types of benchtop equipment, salamanders, toasters, sandwich presses, waffle machines, food processors, mixers, coffee machines, bakery equipment, microwave ovens and many more.
We source the most effective commercial fridges and freezers, cold and cake displays, deli displays and specialised cook and chill equipment like blast chillers and hot-hold cabinets.
Most equipment is very similar but costs can vary a lot but most important is that when it does break down, the downtime is kept to a minimum and you are not losing any money!
We recommend equipment based on the cost of the lifetime of the equipment so even if it is a bit more expensive now, overall the costs are lower and our clients experience fewer disruptions in their businesses.

So before you think of spending any money, get in touch with our Certified Food Service Equipment Specialist Nico and get the right information!

Contact us now on or ring Nico on 1300 368 911!

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