Nine Reasons Why Every Commercial Kitchen Needs A Blast Chiller

Supplier: Chione
16 November, 2021

BLAST CHILLING technology enables you to cool, freeze, proof, thaw and cook at low temperatures

BLAST CHILLING technology can blast chill almost any food and preserve it in perfect condition. It's smart enough to preserve it that way for three times longer than conventional cooling methods.

Your brand of Blast chillers and shock freezers give you greater food management, better organisation, improved food safety standards and significant savings.

Nine reasons why Blast Chillers / freezers will transform your food management.


1. Food tastes better

Dishes chilled or frozen incorrectly can destroy their texture, flavour and appearance, preserving premium quality, so you can charge premium prices...


2. Improved Food Safety

Maintain freshness over time with superior food safety and comply with HACCP (hazard analysis critical control points - cold chain management). Removing the need to have food cooling on benches or having warm food sitting alongside cooler food in a conventional chiller.


3. Labour Cost Savings

Save up to 30% on labour costs through reduced overtime and being well prepared for peak demand periods in advance...


4. Lower Input Costs

Produce can be purchased in bulk when prices are seasonally lower, then blast chilled and frozen for use at a much later date.


5. Prepare Foods Faster

Improve workflow and speed up preparation times. Irinox technology allows you to take food straight from the oven or off the cooktop and rapidly chill or freeze it.


6. Batch Prepare Ahead Of Time

Large quantities of food can be pre-prepared days or weeks in advance, then blast chilled or shock frozen to allow for rostered days off and demand spikes.


7. Less Waste

In a commercial kitchen, up to 40% of food can be thrown out. Blast chilling technology reduces waste dramatically, by allowing better planning and significantly longer preservation of fresh and pre-prepared food.


8. Longer Shelf Life

With bacteria formation being eliminated during blast chilling and shock freezing, food can be preserved in pristine condition for up to three times longer.


9. Take Up Less Space

Most Freezers will take approx 6 hours to freeze your products. With a blast chiller you can do this in 30 minutes so you now have 12 times more freezing Capacity than a freezer. So you can triple the capacity of your holding freezer & improve your bottom line by reducing floorspace because frozen boxes & pallets take up less room than putting the food on racks

Some of the available brands on the market include Friginox, Electrolux, Williams, Technomac, Irinox, Gemm to name a few.