The Bonnet Névé Offlip Hot and Curl Hot are two exceptional hot food display cases that are perfect for anywhere that sell hot chooks or ready-to-go meals.

The Offlip Hot by Bonnet Névé boasts a sleek design with 4 levels of adjustable heated shelves, inclinable shelves, shelf pricing holders, stainless steel internal and black external design, glass end walls, and LED lighting.

This multideck display is perfect for showcasing hot meals and roast chickens and keeping them at the perfect temperature with its individual temperature adjustment for each level.

The Bonnet Névé Curl Hot is a slim-line design, 3 levels of adjustable heated shelves, individual temperature adjustment, glass end walls and stainless steel internal/black external design. It is energy efficient and easy to clean making it a convenient and practical option for any store.

They have both been designed to seamlessly match the chiller in each range, so if you are looking to add some hot food display cases to match your existing Offlip 3 Green and Offlip 3 Eco or Curl 3 Green chillers just contact one of our friendly sales team.

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