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Manchester Warehouse

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Manchester Warehouse

Manchester Warehouse is a family owned and operated business. We have been involved in the manchester industry for over 50 years beginning in manufacturing, then wholesale and since 1999 in retail.

Along the way - although we have seen considerable changes in the business - one thing that has remained paramount with us is looking at things from the customer's perspective. Everything we do starts and finishes with our customers.

Our Kogarah store is over 1,000 square metres in size - making it one of the largest specialist stores in Sydney - and we carry a comprehensive range of over 60 major brand names including Linen House, Davinci, Sheridan, Woolrest, Bas Philips, Kas and Woolhouse just to name a few.

Our product range is extensive too, covering linen and soft furnishing products for bed, bath, table, living and kids rooms as well as gifts, bridal registries, aroma therapy and beach.

Our product knowledge is second to none with our fully trained and experienced staff committed to solving customers' decorating, lifestyle and comfort requirements. This same 100 per cent commitment to professional service applies equally to our floor staff in store and also the way we handle our online store.

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