Keeping guests warm and happy at the Ramada Resort

11 Aug 2021

Ramada Resort wanted to replace their heaters that were ineffective in open areas and outdoor dining areas.

The Ramada Resort is situated in the middle of picturesque Phillip Island in Victoria. The resort is surrounded by lush green trees, adding to the tranquillity and peace that guests can enjoy sitting in the alfresco areas. With the Bass Strait on the island's southern side, the temperatures can drop suddenly and frequently. The cold weather can make guests uncomfortable, unable to fully enjoy the scenic outdoors at the resort. While the resort had open fire heaters and panel heaters installed in outdoor areas, they were not powerful and effective enough to warm guests. Ramada Resort was looking for a heating system that would allow their guests to enjoy the outdoors even in the cold weather. The resort then got in touch with SBH Solutions to ask for suggestions.

SBH Solutions offered the Heliosa range of short-wave infrared heaters from Star Progetti to replace the existing heaters. The heaters at the resort used far and medium-wave infrared, which are ineffective when winds blow in open areas and require additional time to warm up. Heliosa heaters use short-wave infrared, which gives the heaters their characteristic intensity and warmth. They are an excellent choice to heat open areas as they do not waste energy in heating the surrounding air. Ramada resort wanted to heat three specific undercover outdoor areas: a restaurant area, a bar table area, and a lounge area. Each area had different heating requirements, and therefore, with the largest range in Australia, SBH Solutions was able to advise the installation of the most suitable heaters accordingly. 2000-watt Heliosa 66s were installed in the outdoor dining area due to their market-leading coverage. In the more intimate lounge area, Heliosa 44s were installed so that guests directly below the heater can be warm. The smaller Heliosa 11 and controllers are used in the bar table area where patrons seated on high stools would be closer to the heater and might need to adjust the heat output.

Feedback from staff and guests has been very positive.  The following feedback was received from Resort Management:

I was just talking to the night staff, and they are rapped with the heaters.

The guests are very happy with the heat coming out.

Thank you again for your help and service.

As seen in the Ramada resort case, Heliosa heaters can be used in several situations and applications. Get in touch with SBH Solutions at [email protected], and our team will be more than happy to help you with your heating issues.