How to halve the power used by your commercial dishwasher

Supplier: Norris
19 February, 2021

There are few things more frustrating than rocketing power costs and having to wait for a commercial dishwasher between cycles (not to mention running out of hot water altogether!).

This is exactly why Norris developed the AP500 - the only underbench dishwasher in the market that doesn't need a hot water service to operate and can plug in to 10amp power - and still delivers an outstanding wash result.

The AP500 has been specifically designed to solve the 3 key problems in a commercial kitchen: 
1. Running out of hot water and having to wait for compliant temperature (this is a "connect to cold water" unit that is always ready!)
2. Waiting between cycles (1 minute, back-to-back wash cycles)
3. Reduces your machine running costs by a gob-smacking 50%!!