If you own a restaurant or a coffee shop, you need the best coffee machine to keep the customers coming back to your establishment.

But with many different brands manufacturing a wide range of coffee machines for commercial use, how will you choose the best? Read this post to find out.

If you own a commercial establishment, like a restaurant or a coffee shop, the quality of the coffee that you offer can be very important for your reputation. It is important for you to understand that the demands from a Commercial coffee machine are very different from that of a coffee machine that you use at home.

Many different brands manufacture a wide range of commercial coffee machines, and each come with their own set of features to make the coffee-making process simpler and provide you with the best outcome. To choose the best, you first need to understand your preferences and educate yourself a little to create a perfect blend that can allow you to make the right decision.

Read the below-mentioned tips to make the buying process easier:

  • Type of Coffee Machine: It is first important to know the type of coffee machine that you are looking for. Espresso coffee machines, capsule coffee machines, and bean-to-cup coffee machines are some of the most popular choices for commercial establishments. Espresso machines are the traditional choice which allows you to use a variety of ground coffee in them. Capsule machines make the coffee making process instant and mess-free, making it an excellent choice for coffee shops and restaurants. Bean-to-cup machines, on the other hand, grind the coffee beans on your demand.
  • Capacity: Once you know the type of machine that you want, next is to select the capacity of the machine i.e. how many cups of coffee it can make in a single go. If you are looking for a domestic coffee machine and you don’t have a lot of family members in your home, a machine with 4 to 6 cups capacity can be adequate. But if you are looking for a Commercial coffee machine, try to buy a machine that has a capacity of 8 cups and more.
  • User-Friendliness: Coffee machines now have a variety of advanced features. But even with such features, the machine should be easy to use. Especially, if you are someone who doesn’t have a lot of time to spend on making coffee, try to look for a machine that has automatic features that make the coffee-making process easier. Cleaning of the machine is another important aspect. Make sure that the machine you choose is dishwasher safe, or at least can be cleaned easily with water.
  • Additional Features: If you are looking for something fancy, try to buy a coffee machine that has features like automatic shutoff, heating plate, brew strength control, self-cleaning, water filter and built-in grinder. These features will make the coffee-making and cleaning process simpler while also providing you with delicious cups of coffee every single time.
  • Safety: Make sure that the coffee-machine you choose is made from BPA-free materials. And if it does have BPA material, the material should not come in contact with coffee or water.

While there are many more considerations while choosing a coffee machine, the ones mentioned above are sure to provide you with a head start. Keep them in mind and your buying process will be simpler and quicker.