Extend outdoor season year-round for all guests at the Union Hotel!

15 Jul 2022

Stay warm with Heliosa 66 during the cold days this winter!

When the days get gloomy and cold in South Australia, making the open area warm and cosy is a top priority for the Union Hotel. That’s why 3 Heliosa 66 infrared heaters were chosen as the ideal product by the Hotel team to replace old-style radiant heaters and ensure that their guests sitting outdoors are always comfortable. The energy-efficient and instant heat features are perfect for al fresco dining area heating applications.


At the iconic Adelaide CBD’s Union Hotel, the existing old-style electric radiant heaters didn’t distribute heat well. Since it was hard to project heat at a distance, customers were less inclined to use the outdoor area during the colder months or during cooler summer evenings.  These old-style heaters needed to be left on to try to maintain comfortable temperatures resulting in wasted energy heating empty space.

Having already used short-wave infrared at their suburban Leicester Arms and Sussex Arms Hotels, Management had no hesitation in replacing their tired medium-wave infrared radiant heaters with Heliosa 66 from SBH Solutions. The major advantages of instant heat and energy-efficient heat projection meant immediate saving in electricity costs at the same time as an overwhelmingly better customer experience and area utilization.

As an expert in Short-wave Infrared Heating, SBH Solutions can design you a powerful restaurant heating solution with wide coverage and energy efficiency as we did for the Union Hotel team. Heliosa short-wave heaters are commercial quality heaters easily installed on walls, from ceilings or on stands.  Nigel Smalls, Managing Director of SBH Solutions comments: “Unlike older style medium-wave infrared heaters which can only put out heat in front of a relatively narrow reflector, Heliosa short-wave heaters throw heat further away and importantly to the side.  You do not need to place these heaters side-by-side to get a much-improved result.”


Get in touch with SBH Solutions at [email protected], and our team will be more than happy to help you with your heating issues.