Don't be left out in the cold: shop for turbo air refrigeration

Don't Be Left Out in the Cold: Shop for Turbo Air Refrigeration
Don't Be Left Out in the Cold: Shop for Turbo Air Refrigeration

For people who are involved in the food service industry, refrigerators often become appliances that can either help an operation run smoothly or cause problems that constantly hamper productivity.

If you're looking for reliable refrigerator for your business, Turbo Air is a worthy brand to consider. It's one of the top selling brands in the United States, but you can now easily get it closer to home by ordering them from Alpha Catering Equipment, the number one supplier of Turbo Air products in Australia.

All Turbo Air products come with a two-year warranty, and we offer the best prices in Australia. Alpha Catering Equipment has over 40 years of experience in the refrigeration industry, so you can feel confident we'll help you find the best model in the Turbo Air range that best fits the needs of your operation.

Alpha Catering Equipment, the number one supplier of Turbo Air products in Australia.

Benefits of Turbo Air Products

All Turbo Air refrigeration must pass a tough, five-point inspection before leaving the manufacturer. That means you can rest assured the products can hold up well in the demanding restaurant industry.

Also, whether you buy a few space-saving Turbo Air under counters to equip your kitchen or go with a much larger model to store bulk refrigerated ingredients, you'll appreciate that Turbo Air products are very easy to use and maintain. Thanks to a digitally controlled cooling system, the unit stays at a uniform temperature, which helps maintain food safety and quality.

A self-diagnostic system uses audio and visual cues to aid in quick troubleshooting, so problems are resolved quickly. There are also indicators to let you know if the fan is running, or the refrigerator is defrosting. These features and others help make Turbo Air products very user-friendly and ideal for busy facilities.

The internal evaporator on a Turbo Air refrigerator is very efficient. If you often need to store excess food that has come directly from buffet spreads or catering containers, Turbo Air's products get foods efficiently cooled so they can be safely enjoyed later.

Turbo Air products are made with durable, easy-to-clean stainless steel. Even if you buy a Turbo Air glass door model, the surrounding metal body will withstand frequent use and be an attractive, functional addition to your kitchen setup. The Super Deluxe model even has stainless steel shelves inside, giving that version a particularly cohesive look.

Get an Energy-Saving Model

Turbo Air has a long history of creating products that are environmentally sustainable. If you're looking for an energy-saving product that has enough space to suit your needs, contact us at Alpha Catering Equipment.

Alpha Catering Equipment stock a large range of Turbo Air products in our warehouses ready to ship at a moments notice. We make it easier for you to choose a preferred model and get it without having to jump through hoops or wait for stock availability.

Whether you need a roomy Turbo Air prep fridge, or a merchandiser to keep chilled goods in easy reach of your customers, we can help you select a model that helps you do business better.

For more details about available products from Turbo Air visit Alpha Catering Equipment today.