SwiftPOS POS Features Works Seamlessly For You & Your Venue.

SwiftPOS has been designed to integrate its POS features with all aspects of a hospitality venue.

SwiftPOS is designed to be the all-in-one POS Solution. Our long list of POS features gives your venue more control, optimisation, customisation and ultimately, savings!

We have consistently been building our long and extensive list of features throughout the years. We are continuously touching base with customers and responding to their needs, designing and improving our software accordingly. We have intelligent and powerful features that can easily and effortlessly operate in many demanding environments. 


  • Customer Facing Displays. Directly market to your customers at the POS. Advertise specials. Incorporate member deals and run daily promotions with customer facing displays
  • Bottle Shop Features. Link up to the bottle shop. Create mix ‘n’ match deals and generate weekly specials, with easy label and promotional printing.
  • In-built CRM Features. Customisable vouchers and coupons can be created for both digital and printable distribution, including on receipts. Integrate 3rd party CRM providers as well.?
  • Multi-Venue Management. Head Office allows you to have an overview of all your venues within a centrally managed location. Track sales, inventory, member transactions and much more.
  • Live Dashboard Reporting. Business Intelligence Reports. Get up to the minute KPI’s like member reports, table tracking, sales, staff performance and other BI reports, anywhere, anytime on any device.?
  • Hybrid Cloud Solutions. Backup your important data with a unique on and off premise solution. Trade continuously for 30 days without internet access, while still maintaining data integrity.
  • Full Security Integration. SwiftPOS interfaces with most leading CCTV systems, with advanced searching features via the POS-Vision module.?
  • WEB API Integration. Easily interface your own websites with SwiftPOS. Benefit from online member management tools and 3rd party web applications.
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