Best Coffee Scales in Australia: A Guide to Buying Digital Coffee Scales

28 Mar 2022

The best coffee scales in Australia are a fool-proof way to make an exceptional cup of coffee.

Because consistency is the main secret, it is worth investing in coffee digital scales to have the correct coffee to water ratios.


The Journey of Coffee

The continuous growth of specialty coffee around the world has brought several home baristas and people to appreciate the quality of specialty coffee.

All year round, the coffee is grown in many coffee growing regions and can only be harvested once the coffee cherry is ripe enough to be picked. Thus, it is considered a labour-intensive crop since coffee farmers have to revisit it six times in each harvest to ensure the coffee cherries are ripe.

At first, the coffee undergoes a phase called coffee processing methods before storing it. Whichever process the farmer chooses, either washed, natural, and/or honey, it boils down to changing the coffee -sweetness, body, and acidity of the brewed coffee. After processing the coffee, it will be stored for a certain amount of time. Then, they could transport it to the exporter and to the coffee roasters in Australia at a regulated temperature.

From here, your Australian coffee roaster roasts the coffee beans carefully until it reaches the desired profile. However, it entirely depends on you how the coffee will taste at the end of your brewing process. Maintaining the correct water and coffee measurement is essential. It is highly possible to change the coffee’s flavour based on the ratio of water and coffee you choose, and unfortunately, some don’t turn out good.


Why Should I Use a Digital Coffee Scale?

Evenness and precision rule in the specialty coffee world. A variety of measuring tools exist – from the amount of dissolved solids to coffee grinds particle distribution. Despite all the high tech measuring and analytical tools for coffee, any coffee aficionado values the best coffee scales in Australia.

Whenever you brew a coffee, measure your ingredients in grams. As compared to volume-based measurements like cups or tablespoons, weighing in grams is more reliable and precise. It also ensures you that you will be using the same amount of grounds every time. Thus, you can focus more on other coffee brewing factors such as grind size, water temperature, and extraction time. 


Are you a home barista looking for a statement piece to leave on your kitchen counter? Or you just want to get the job done and keep it as soon as you finish using it? Coffee digital scales range in style from being basic and practical to an artistic level piece of equipment.


The right size of coffee digital scale depends on your chosen brewing method. If you prefer pour-over coffee brewing method, then you can opt for a coffee scale that can accomm00odate the size of pour-over instrument. However, if you are brewing espresso types of coffee drinks, a small coffee digital scale would be recommended in order to fit the scale on your drip tray as you pull the espresso shot.


The best coffee scales in Australia are worthy when they are accurate enough. However, some scales won’t show measurements less than 1 gram. For best brew results, shop for a coffee scale that can measure weight to the 0.1 gram.


The tare button is an important feature to look for in a digital coffee scale, regardless of your brewing method. It allows you to reset the mass to zero and measure precisely the amount of water and/or coffee grounds place in the brewing apparatus. Also, there are many coffee brewing methods that require to place directly the brewing instrument on the coffee scale to start, thus a tare button will be highly useful.

Considering that you’re a heavy coffee drinker, you may want to purchase a coffee scale that either comes with rechargeable battery or one that plugs into an outlet. For the homebrewers who occasionally brews coffee, long battery life may not be so important. Therefore, getting a scale with replaceable batteries would work just fine.


Some of the best coffee scales in Australia come with special features. For instance, a built-in timer or no auto-off feature to avoid getting turned off mid-brew. While these additional features on coffee scales are not highly important, they are still cool and useful.