Advertising FAQ's

Have a look through our FAQ's and please get in touch to find out more. We look forward to connecting you with our audience of hospitality buyers on HospitalityHub!

Why do buyers use HospitalityHub?

Buyers are often time poor, so they enjoy the product variety and convenience that marketplace websites like HospitalityHub offer. They use HospitalityHub to learn about new products and technologies, choose the best suppliers for their needs, then connect with them.

Who are the buyers on HospitalityHub?

HospitalityHub targets the largest range of decision-makers within the hospitality sector. As every visitor is a potential buyer, HospitalityHub is used by people in various roles from small to large businesses. Examples include: Examples include: General Managers at hotels, Owners of restaurants and Managers at catering facilities.

We have our own website, why do we need to be on HospitalityHub?

Your website is an important part of your marketing but HospitalityHub is completely separate. The content is similar (your products, articles etc) but HospitalityHub gives your business access to an already established audience. It's like having a shop in a busy mall filled with hospitality buyers.

How do I get my business onto HospitalityHub?

To be on HospitalityHub, suppliers open what we call a Storefront. A Storefront is a marketing tool that showcases your products, services and content to a targeted hospitality audience. A Storefront works in the background to build your brand, generate sales enquiries and establish your company as a thought leader.

Why should we publish content on the web?

Technical buyers do extensive research and in today’s information-rich world they expect suppliers to be an authority in their field. To build this credibility, suppliers benefit from demonstrating their expertise, having a brand presence and publishing content where buyers are looking.

What sort of content should we publish online?

The types of content that are most important for businesses to publish online include:

  • PRODUCTS - The first step is to showcase your products. Your website is a great place to start but it shouldn't stop there. Forums like HospitalityHub expose your products to a broader audience. WATCH VIDEO.
  • CREDIBILITY PIECES - To build authority as a thought-leader you want to publish useful content  your buyers can benefit from again and again, like 'How To' articles, 'Hospitality Guides' & 'Videos'. With this type of content follow these guidelines to build credibility:
    • Don't be promotional
    • Produce a comprehensive resource, not a short puff piece
    • Ensure its well written and well researched
    • Use real life quotes and references where possible
  • CASE STUDIES - Case Studies are a powerful way to showcase your expertise through your previous work. Case Studies are a type of promotional piece but they present the case in a PROBLEM/SOLUTION/RESULTS format, so they transfer the knowledge in an informative way. READ ARTICLE.

How do I get my products to appear in HospitalityHub categories?

Storefront owners showcase their products in categories selected by them, and reviewed by our editors. Product rankings and placements are based on a combination of their relevancy to categories and the Storefront package level. Products from businesses on higher Storefront packages are prioritised and placed in premium positioning.

How can we get our articles published on HospitalityHub?

To publish articles on HospitalityHub your business needs a Storefront, our annual marketing package. Storefronts are used to publish your media releases, build awareness and establish you as a thought leader.

Does HospitalityHub work with Search Engines like Google?

We work with search engines like Google and generate considerable traffic from them, however we don't rely on them as an exclusive traffic source. Our own direct visitors, subscribers and marketing activities account for a larger portion of our audience.

Can our articles be featured inside HospitalityHub's newsletters?

If your business has a HospitalityHub Storefront, your articles will be considered for publishing in our newsletters. To boost your chances of being selected for publishing check out our editorial guidelines.

What if our type of products aren't currently on HospitalityHub?

The HospitalityHub directory is growing fast, which means new product categories are being added all the time. When a brand new supplier joins HospitalityHub our team works with them to make sure our directory works well and categorises them effectively. 

How can I manage my content on HospitalityHub?

All listed suppliers have access to a secure online area where they can easily manage their content and monitor statistics. If you're listed and would like to retrieve your login details email us here.

What kind of support do we get if we have a Storefront?

You get to work with a dedicated Relationship Manager. Our Content Team assists with initial setup and your Relationship Manager is in regular contact to make suggestions and work through ideas. We then provide tips, guides and videos on how to get the best results from your Storefront.

What is the Trade Assurance Panel? (For Storefronts only)

The Trade Assurance Panel is a section that displays key facts that helps buyers build confidence in your business and its capabilities. These include things like Certifications, Memberships and Key Customers.

What does Verified Supplier mean? (For Storefronts only)

Being a Verified Supplier gives HospitalityHub users confidence in suppliers by verifying they are in business and meet acceptable levels of business responsiveness. Verification is a regular process performed by our team.

What is the 'Follow' button? (For Storefronts only)

This feature allows you to build a network of followers much like a Facebook or LinkedIn group. When someone chooses to Follow a supplier they get a monthly bulletin featuring the new products and articles from suppliers they are following.