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Accommodation Linen

Accommodation Linen | Bedding & Bath Robes

Accommodation Linen

Accommodation Linen supplies almost every product required for a hotel room or a hospital ward and boasts a range of high quality Australian made and imported products to meet the needs of international hotels, resorts and luxury accommodation as well as boutique bed and breakfasts, the local motel, private hospitals and aged care facilities.

Accommodation Linen is a distributor for many leading brands of products including Actil Commercial, Tontine, Wilson Curtain Fabrics, Downia and Buddies Australia.

Furthermore, our long-standing relationship of over 20 years with Actil Commercial, a division of Sheridan Australia, as the sole distributor in New South Wales reflects our reliability and focus on quality products and affordability.

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Our team of employees boast over 180 years of industry experience collectively and as such we are confident we can meet the needs of any customer with industry knowledge and our extensive product portfolio.

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