06 May 2022

Whether you are setting up a new commercial kitchen or updating it by replacing some worn-out items, stocking up your cooking space with the right arsenal of tools & appliances is needed to prepare delicious meals.

There are countless kitchen essentials available on the market, but not everything is needed for your kitchen, right? Here, in this article, we have rounded SIX must-have kitchen tools. Let's have a look:-

#1 A Gas Fryer

What kind of fryers have your restaurant chefs been using? If they have been using an electronic fryer, and have never tried a gas fryer, then they may not be aware of the perks of making a switch from electric to gas.

First things first, a gas fryer heats the oil faster than an electric one. The high heating efficiency of a gas fryer thus saves on energy costs. In a nutshell, the daily cost of using a gas fryer is way less than an electric fryer.

Another benefit of a gas fryer is the quick transition. For instance, the chef is frying snacks at a much lower temperature but suddenly needs something else at a high temperature; the transition is quick. The gas fryer allows faster change in temperature, which means the final product is in line with the chef's expectations.

#2 Bread Slicer Machine

A bread slicer machine is another must-have for a commercial kitchen. It specializes in cutting the bread into square pieces & toasts with a few breadcrumbs. A bread slicer uses sharp & high-quality knives and has a long service life.

The bread loaf slicer is suitable for hotels, bakeries, restaurants, canteens, and bakery training institutes.

These bread slicer machines are compact and easier to use — no professional training is needed.

#3 Combi Oven

A combi oven is the most versatile equipment in a commercial kitchen. It is designed with innovative technology to perform a myriad of functions within a single unit. It can cook with steam, convection, or a combination of both methods. So, with a combi oven, the chef can roast, cook, grill, bake, fry, and braise.

One key benefit that makes a combi oven a clear winner amongst other ovens is that instead of removing moisture, it provides moisture to the food, thus allowing greater yields — especially when cooking proteins & meats.

Combi ovens come with another benefit of ease-of-use as most of the setting is pre-programmed.

National Kitchen Equipment — brings to you an intelligent combi oven designed in Italy, comes with a touch sensor panel, and offers a 2-years warranty.

#4 Food Processor

No commercial kitchen is complete without a food processor. A food processor helps with faster food preparation.

First, it saves time managing all the chopping or slicing tasks throughout the day. Your chef just needs to feed the foodstuff to the processor and rest it can automatically take care of it.

Food processors come with various attachments to do multiple tasks such as whipping, crimping, dicing, grating, shredding, and pulping. The options are pretty much endless for a commercial-grade food processor.

These processors are not challenging to use, and no professional training is needed to learn how to use a new food processor.

And, to mention, the food processors are made out of highly-quality, durable materials; therefore, they can manage the daily rough & tough use.

#5 Bone Saw

A bone saw machine is ideal for cutting frozen meat into precise smaller meat & bone pieces. They are broadly employed in restaurants, hotels, and butcheries.

The equipment delivers several advantages, right from the delicate appearance of the yields, saves time, and safe operations to low energy consumption. The bone saw is available in various blade sizes.

The surface of bone saw machines is made out of premium-quality stainless steel, making it durable. Also, it adheres to global food hygiene standards.

#6 Knife Sterilizer

A commercial-grade knife sterilizer is indispensable to maintain hygiene standards. It is designed to make the knives germs & bacteria-free before every use.

Germs these days are difficult to get rid of using ordinary cleaning agents, but a knife sterilizer does it with the power of a UV lamp. It also saves time because the one-time capacity of a knife sterilizer is 50-60 knives.

The sterilizer is suitable for all kinds of knives and cutlery items. These sterilizers do not use harmful essentials that can cause any harm to human health.

Where to buy the Best Kitchen Tools & Equipment?

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