3 Ways Digital Hotel Compendiums are Different

Supplier: App IT Byte
10 January, 2019

Compendiums in your guest rooms/apartments contain valuable information about your property and the local area, but they typically have restrictions, solved with a digital hotel compendium.

We are all living in a mobile and connected world where people expect to be able to access any information they want and communicate with anyone, anywhere, anytime, within arm’s reach.

Compendiums currently found in properties around the world are too restricted, to be considered the perfect ‘delivery vehicle’ for guest directory information.

Digital hotel compendiums are the perfect 'delivery vehicle' for your hotel, motel, apartment or resort and avoid the following three restrictions.

Current Compendiums Tied to Rooms

Your property's compendiums are likely tied to guest rooms/apartments.

Guests cannot access these details when outside of their rooms/apartments, so the information inside them is of no value when a guest needs it.

Using a mobile app and website as your digital hotel compendium goes with your guests anywhere, anytime. Guests using their own devices makes this possible. These places include but are not limited to:

  • Swimming pool or spa at your property,
  • Down at the beach or park and
  • Choosing where to visit next, when out and about.

Unlimited and Significantly Faster Information Updates

Hotel compendiums are likely not being updated frequently due to cost, time and labour.

Digital Hotel Compendiums allows properties to update details frequently and with ease.

Unlimited information updates are ideal for any property for:

  • Updating phone numbers,
  • Updating street addresses,
  • Updating property and restaurant menus,
  • Updating web addresses,
  • Updating your property's facilities details,
  • Updating your property's room details,
  • Listing local places,
  • Listing upcoming local events and
  • Updating local business and event details.

Hotel Compendium for Each Guest

Compendiums in every room/apartment today are restricted to a ‘one at a time’ basis. This restriction is likely due to cost.

With digital hotel compendiums being in the form of a mobile app and/or website, guests can now have as many copies of your compendium information as they do smartphones, tablets, and computers.