3 Resources Hotel Compendiums Should Not Need

Supplier: App IT Byte
19 February, 2019

Compendiums found in your guest rooms/apartments require dedicated resources or infrastructure such as paper binder-folders with plastic pockets. These resources however, are no longer necessary.

Most hotels, motels, serviced apartments and resorts provide their guests an in-room compendium solution to inform them about their property amenities and local recommended places, events and services.

In the 21st century with products including our Hinfo portable digital hotel compendium, the following 3 resources are no longer needed to update your compendiums or keep them in top condition.

Paper and Binder Folders

Until we recycle each sheet, they can only be used once!

Every time you print a page to put in a compendium, you cannot update the details printed on each page unless you replace each sheet individually.

Did You Know: A single sheet of paper requires 13 litres of water to produce.

The plastic and leather binder folders provided in each room to keep the compendium information together are also subject to wear and tear after typical usage.

Hinfo, which is a digital compendium platform, requires none of these resources as it uses an app and website instead and runs on electronic devices which serve multiple purposes.

Each of the above resources are also the biggest contributors towards the cost of providing a compendium in each room. Instead of paying for these resources every time your compendiums need refreshing, you could invest the same money into Hinfo which offers much more value for money with features and benefits that are not possible with other compendium solutions.

Excessive Staff Labour

With updating the information in your in-room compendiums, a paper-based solution requires you to (beyond typing the updated contents in a computer document):

  • Print each sheet individually,
  • Place each sheet into plastic pockets in every compendium, and
  • Swap the old paper compendium with the new one after guests in each room have checked out.

One reason properties are not motivated to update their compendiums regularly, is because of this lengthy process.

In a world where we can post on social media, watch a video online and send an instant message, all immediately, why can’t we update our hotel compendiums in each room immediately!

Hinfo allows your property to send us the updated details online, and they will be available for all guests in all rooms quickly.

Dedicated Electronic Hardware

When you hear the term ‘digital hotel compendium’ your immediate thought is most likely replacing your paper- or TV-based compendium solution with a digital tablet such as a Samsung Galaxy Tab or iPad.

What if there was a way that guests can access the same compendium information in a digital format, without your property needing to purchase electronic tablets for each room?

Everyone travelling today in the 21st century carries with them a smartphone, tablet and/or notebook computer everywhere they go.

Hinfo is a portable digital hotel compendium service which runs on your guests own devices via a mobile app or our Hinfo website.

We recommend viewing another article we published here on HospitalityHub called ‘5 Benefits of BYOD for Digital Hotel Compendiums’, which explains why guests using their own devices is the best delivery vehicle for your compendium information.