10 ways a POS systems can help your business

09 Dec 2021

A Point of Sale (POS) refers to a place where business activities happen. It is often the same as a cash register or can involve a larger POS system with multiple components.

How can a POS system improve your business?

Every business establishment should use a point of sale system. It offers real-time inventory management, so you can see what products are in short supply and what products are doing well. A POS system is also acclaimed as one of the best things you can do for your business for employee management, mobile device support, as well as detailed reports.

POS is a powerful tool for any business that sells products, whether they are in a brick-and-mortar store or online. But an effective POS system does more than just ring up sales.

Modern POS systems are often integrated with other systems to streamline operations. They can also automatically help with merchant transactions and facilitate data analysis within your business.


Top ways a POS system can improve your business are:


1. Design a Loyalty Program

What better way to keep your customers loyal than by creating a loyalty program? The Newest point of sale systems have the dedicated loyalty management features that remunerate your customers with loyalty points after they shop from your business. Moreover, these loyalty points are redeemable for more shopping, making them very convenient for customers to use. Such features translate to higher sales because they encourage customers to shop with you.

While every business aims to attract new clients every month, what's most important to the success of your company is keeping your existing customers. Reliable customers are your company's lifeblood.

By offering a loyalty program, you can show repeat customers that you appreciate their loyalty. When customers feel valued, they're more likely to keep doing business with you. You could offer a variety of perks, such as:

  • Signup bonuses for your loyalty program 
  • Early access to new products
  • Discounts and deals
  • Seasonal promotions
  • Points or rewards for every dollar they spend 
  • Benefits for sharing your brand on social media
  • Special discounts on their birthday

You can use POS software to track customers' spending behaviour so that you know if the loyalty program is having an impact on their spending. Once customers enrol in the program, you can use POS software to measure the program's impact.


2. Increase Impulse Purchases

As a business, your goal is to increase the average amount of money that a consumer spends at your store. One of the best ways to do this is to place small, inexpensive items near the counter. Because of the low cost and grab-and-go convenience, customers are more likely to be interested in items that are located near the checkout registers.

Impulse purchases can make you plenty of extra income each year. Think about the low-cost accessories that retail stores have surrounding the checkout line area. Or look at how grocery stores put magazines, gum, candy, and soft drinks near the sales registers.

There’s no wrong or right way to encourage impulse purchases. You can have a bin of $1 or $2 items. You can also use themes or seasonal items. Another way to increase these purchases is to use a mobile POS system. With a mobile system, sales associates can walk around the store and allow customers to checkout using the store iPad or other mobile devices. This allows customers to make purchases on the fly, which can greatly increase impulse and quick buys.


3. Use Personalised Marketing

One aspect that most people don’t associate POS systems with is marketing. But, if used properly, a POS system can be quite helpful in ensuring your marketing campaigns and strategies are as effective as possible.

POS systems are a great centralised way to collect customer data. Not only can you gather a customer’s name, but you can also ask them to provide their email address, date of birth, and other information. Using the data collected by the POS system, you can design personalised marketing campaigns that target small subsets of your customers. For example, you can run campaigns based on:

  • Birthday month
  • Geographic location
  • Age & gender

Personalised marketing is an effective way of getting customers to shop more often and spend more money.


4. Advertise Store Gift Cards

A great way to find new customers is to offer store gift cards. Modern POS systems support the purchasing and use of gift cards with ease. Gift cards are a great marketing vehicle as it allows current customers to purchase gift cards for friends and family members. It extends the reach of your business and opens the door to an endless number of new leads.

You can also use gift cards to upsell. Consider running a promotion every other month where customers spend a certain amount of money and then receive a $10 or $15 gift card. Customers are more likely to purchase a few extra items to meet the threshold.


5. Run Promotions on Certain Products

Most POS systems include an inventory management feature that makes it easy to identify what items are selling and which ones aren't. You can run different marketing campaigns based on this data to get customers to buy these products.

For example, for an item that isn’t selling well, you can discount it and put it on display in a high-traffic area of the store. You could also pair a low-selling item with a popular item to increase visibility and interest.

Thanks to the data provided by the POS system, you can better manage your inventory and run effective special promotions in-store and online.


6. Improving Efficiency

Installing a POS system in your business will save you loads of time that you would otherwise spend on paperwork, accounting and scheduling employees. Now, you can devote more time to giving your customers the best experience possible. Having a POS system for your specific industry is crucial for streamlining operations. For example, getting salon booking software for your salon business will help boost efficiency.


7. Getting Real-Time Data and Reports

You can make smart business decisions based on real-time data provided by POS systems. These systems usually store all the important information about your business. Therefore, you can easily obtain accurate analyses, projections, and key information such as your best and worst-selling products, low stock count, peak and off-peak hours, and more. In this way, you get accurate data to help you strategize your business and increase profits. You can apply this data in any industry, including Hospitality, Restaurants, Lotteries, Online Gaming, Healthcare, and many more.


8. Enhancing Employee Management

Small business owners have a lot on their plates, especially when they have employees to manage. In addition to managing employee information, the POS system also tracks each employee's work hours and displays how much they earn. When you track employee hours, you are able to calculate their salaries fairly and accurately. You can also monitor sales to find out which employees are working and which ones are slacking. Remarkably, POS systems can boost efficiency in staff management and scheduling.


9. Inventory Management

Current POS systems come with an inventory management system that helps you track your inventory. When you have multiple stores, this can be especially beneficial because you'll be able to keep track of all inventories without having to physically visit each one. The systems also help to maintain pricing consistency between your different stores, thus reducing employee theft. The system even warns you when you are running low on stock to ensure you don’t miss out on more sales. 

Modern POS systems have intelligent tech that’s easy to use and set up so you can easily manage your business.


10. Streamline Sales from Multiple Locations

Your business can be conducted from multiple locations using a mobile POS system while still being streamlined. By investing in a mobile POS system, you can expand the reach of your business and products, selling to consumers from locations other than your central physical store.

With mobile POS software and a simple swipe device, you can convert your smartphone into a retail POS system, enabling you to accept transactions remotely, and thus expanding your business operations. Mobile POS systems can be useful for accepting credit card payments and selling at fairs, craft shows, and farmers markets.



Thanks to advanced business features, POS systems offer much more than just support for sales and transactions. With a modern POS system, you can greatly improve your marketing strategies. Keep these in mind to encourage higher sales and increased revenue.