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Why you should invest in a Convotherm 4

Supplier: Moffat Australia
13 April, 2015

At Moffat, we are committed to providing our customers with only the very best combi oven solutions for their commercial kitchens.

And anyone who has had the pleasure of working with a Convotherm combi oven knows just how much of a difference this respected brand makes when it comes to functionality, efficiency and quality. Now Convotherm is available in both Australia and New Zealand.

Combining world-class technology, designed by Porsche engineers, and manufactured in Germany, Convotherm combi ovens are at the top of their range, and certainly one of the most premium brands currently available on the Australian market.

The design is user-friendly, ergonomic and hygienic in order to provide a far superior experience than other combi-steamer ovens on the market.

"In terms of performance, build quality and reliability, Convotherm combi ovens have always stood well above the competition. We are very excited about this release because the Australian market is really ready and waiting for the new technology", says Michael Lillico, Moffat's General Manager of Sales and Marketing.

Choose your user interface

The Convotherm combi oven provides users with the choice of two user interfaces, easyTouch or easyDial. Both interfaces are user friendly and easy to use, and when it comes to managing a busy kitchen, you want your staff to be able to use your commercial kitchen equipment with minimal training and minimal difficulty.

One key difference with the new Convotherm combi oven range is the choice of panel interface. With the 4 Series, there are two options: easyTouch - which delivers the latest touch controls via a 9-inch, full-touch screen with a configurable user interface, and easyDial - a new standard in manual operation, which displays all functions on the one level, and at a glance.

New features are standard inclusions

Unlike many other combi ovens for sale in the Australian and New Zealand markets, all Convotherm 4 combi ovens also come with a range of premium features as standard. This includes an Advanced Close System+ (ACS+) which incorporates a water "seal" that prevents venting, and therefore guarantees perfect steam saturation, automatic humidity adjustment in combi-steam cooking, and fast/even heat transfer for convection cooking.

Smoking function

In the easyTouch models (table-top electric appliances only), you’ll also find a new, in-built smoking function - which enables you to smoke food with great precision and superb flavour.

Automatic cleaning

Cleaning the new Convotherm 4 is very easy - a great benefit in terms of workload and efficiency within your business. Thanks to the ConvoClean+ technology, the combi oven delivers maximum flexibility with minimum consumption. Strictly fully-automatic cleaning means you avoid any contact with chemicals.

Reduced operating costs and increased environmental care

When it comes to your commercial kitchen equipment, we understand that every watt and every litre counts within a business. Convotherm 4 combi ovens showcase the strict requirements on energy efficiency and minimal water consumption, an industry standard that is always met.

Multiple options and versatile functionality

The new Convotherm 4 range includes seven sizes, each with six different model options, which means you can choose the option to suit you. Its combination of functional versatility and consistent design is truly revolutionary.

Want to find out more about Convotherm 4 combi ovens?

Looking for a combi oven to fit in with your business and the rest of your commercial kitchen equipment? Keen to find out more about what makes Convotherm 4 superior to other combi ovens? Moffat offer a network of dealer showrooms where you can find out more, or book in for a demonstration at a test kitchen near you. Our skilled chefs and knowledgeable sales team will help you in selecting the right combi oven solution for your commercial kitchen.

Source: Moffat Australia - Will Convotherm 4 be part of your restaurant this year?


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