Why "The Cloud" is different to retail-style bed toppers

Supplier: HotelHome
21 January, 2013

Some feather bed toppers sold in to retail stores claim to have between 70 to 80 percent down, however they are constructed using two separate layers, the top, very thin layer filled with mostly down.

The percentage of down being quoted is only in the thin layer on top and not the total of the product, with the bottom, thicker layer being all feather, some not so small. The total percentage of down to feather in these products is minimal.

The supreme luxury of "The Cloud" is created by mixing the down and feathers together to optimise the comfort with the right degree of support.

A bed topper is a very different product to a quilt. Because the body lies on top of the bed topper (not underneath), the feather component in a quality bed topper, needs to be very small with enough mass to inflate the topper when combined with the other ingredients.

The high down component of "the Cloud" is from where the overall luxurious feel and softness comes, because the small feather and down need to trap plenty of air to perform efficiently as a quality bed topper. Down traps more air than feather, so "The Cloud" has the perfect combination of both small feather/down in both the mix and mass to support the weight of a body with a cloud like experience.

The background to "The Cloud"

It was pure luxury from the start.

During the period when Dubai in UAE was at its peak in attracting major investors and holiday makers from every corner of the world, the directors of Hotel Home Australia met with management of Dubai's leading Hotel group who were also owners of the world's first 7 star Hotel. One of the products discussed in every detail, was the genuine feather/down bed topper which these Hotels are famous for. The words "ultimate comfort" and "blissful sleep" are only the start in describing the experience in sleeping on this magnificent product.

High down content

Some months after the Dubai meeting, Hotel Home Australia developed "The Cloud" to suit the 5 star Hospitality Industry for Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific Regions. Many prototypes were produced incorporating different down percentages, fill weights, Feather types and compartment sizing, to ensure the absolute best quality product was being offered. It was confirmed that the correct mass of fill and down percentage (40% down & 60% small soft Feather) should be used, which was exactly what was being used by these world leading Hotels in Dubai.

"The Cloud" contains very small soft Feathers which are mixed with the down, not separated like some retail style Feather Bed Toppers now sold in to this Industry. This combination of higher down content and increased total fill weight, ensures more air is trapped in each compartment of "The Cloud", providing the ultimate softness from the Down and also maximum support from the very soft yet stronger and more dense Feathers. The face fabric is made from the finest down proof Japara to help withstand migration of the smallest feathers.

Hotel guests who have slept on "The Cloud" comment on the beautiful sleep and cloud-like experience. This could only be achieved by Hotel Home having a thorough knowledge in designing the product, including their choosing the most suitable and best quality materials available, with professional manufacturing and the now proven testing "The Cloud" has had to endure.

"The Cloud" is suitable for every type of Hotel Bed Mattress and it is equally successful with the domestic style pillow top mattress and also memory foam and latex mattresses.