Why Digital Hotel Compendiums Should Not Cost More

Supplier: App IT Byte
08 April, 2019

Your property has many on-going operating costs including keeping your compendiums up to date. Upgrading from a traditional to a digital hotel compendium, however, should not cost extra.

Compendiums at your hotel, motel, apartment, resort etc. are just one of many operating costs your property pays for on an on-going basis.

When we developed our Hinfo Portable Digital Hotel Compendium Service, our mission was to not only match or reduce the cost compared to traditional compendiums, but to invest the same cost into a service that has infinitely more benefits for management and guests.

Here are just some of the ways we provide more value for money compared to traditional compendiums:

By allowing guests to use their own devices to access your compendium details, your property will be able to take advantage of the benefits above and many more without the need to invest in dedicated hardware (e.g. iPads) for each room.

The cost of a single electronic tablet for a single room/apartment at your property, would either match or be more expensive then joining our Hinfo service for a full year and for your entire property.

Hinfo allows your property to have all the benefits of a digital hotel compendium, without costing multiple times the amount to integrate and in many scenarios, it saves you money.