Types of Coffee Drinks You Should Be Familiar With

28 Mar 2022

Ever been into a coffee shop and wondered how each of those types of coffee drinks differ from one another?

For instance, a cold brew is a totally different coffee drink from a classic iced coffee. How about an espresso? And what about macchiato? How do I know which coffee roast is the best? All those coffee drinks sound and look appealing, so which should I try first?

Certain factors could impact how a type of coffee drink taste and look. It could be due to how the coffee is brewed, the coffee maker used, the ingredients, or the method of serving. Regardless, all types of coffee drinks are made with coffee beans. How you serve them can influence the taste, calories, and nutritional value in several ways.

Let us altogether expand our coffee knowledge with this ultimate guide for your quick caffeine fix.


Popular Coffee Drinks You Should Try


Originated from Italy, espresso can be made by forcing high-pressure steam through ground coffee beans in an espresso machine. It results to a strong, concentrated coffee that can be used as a base for other types of coffee. For instance, a macchiato, cappuccino, and Americano.


Combining water and coffee results to a black coffee and served without any milk or creamer. Adding milk/creamer changes the aroma and color of the coffee into a lighter-brown or white. In fact, it can no longer be called black coffee at all.


The French press coffee involves a glass or metal beaker where you place the coarse coffee grounds and hot water. Then, separate the grounds from the coffee by plunging the metal filter to the bottom. Wait for 5 minutes to finish the coffee brewing.


Just like a steeping tea, simply place the coarse coffee grounds into the infuser, then add hot water and let it brew.

The taste of your coffee depends on your brewing time. If you like it mellow or strong, you can adjust your brew time to get that perfect cup of coffee.


Your go-to option for a perfect, smooth cup of coffee! Cold brew steeps coarse coffee grounds in cool water for a long period of time. For instance, 12 to 24 hours. This coffee is known for its strong, intense flavor without bitterness, and you can easily make it at home.

Get yourself a cold brew at home with just a French press and a mason jar, or an airtight cold brew maker.


One of the most common types of coffee drinks at home and in many restaurants. Making a coffee using drip method brews coffee by heating water in a tank with heating rods. Hot water slowly passes through the ground coffee beans in a filter and then drips below into a glass carafe. A coffee made using auto drip coffee machine results to a simple, rounded taste of coffee.


A classic tried and true method for making a coffee that’s smooth and flavorful. Simple pour the hot water over coffee grounds in a filter through a cone or upper chamber. The good thing about it is you can control the water temperature, grind, and brewing time. Also, it is much less concentrated than an espresso coffee.


Before drip coffee stole the show in the mid-1970s, percolated coffee drink was very popular. This type of coffee drink is also considered one of the boiled types of coffee. With the use of stove-top or electric stand-alone unit, boiling water is continuously cycled through the grounds until the desired strength is achieved. It usually takes around 7 or 8 minutes.


A moka pot is an electronic device or stove-top pot that brews coffee by passing water through ground coffee using pressurized steam. Great for alternating an espresso machine that you cannot afford just yet.


A vacuum coffee was first created in the early 1800s. It involves a complex system of glass flask and siphon tubes making it look more of a chemistry lab. How to make a vacuum coffee requires a huge amount of practice, effort and time. Thus, it is not among the types of coffee drinks you can throw in together before work. You will have to gauge the water temperature and know the right timing when you can turn on the vacuum.


The very finely ground coffee beans remain in the drink since Turkish coffee is unfiltered. In order to make one, put water, coffee and sugar to boil into a unique pot called cezve.

Once the drink starts to froth and boil over, you can pour evenly the first third between the cups. Cezve will then be brought to the boil, and once it froths again, the rest of the coffee can be poured.


Espresso Types of Coffee Drinks


This type of coffee drink is brewed similarly to the espresso where pressurized water is passed through the coffee grounds. However, ristretto is a much more concentrated espresso due to the half amount of water used. It has a slightly different balance of flavors and a bit less caffeine.


As opposed to the Ristretto, Lungo is a long-pull espresso made using twice as much water. The longer the pull, the more caffeine content there is and the more ounces you can enjoy.


Cappuccino is often the gateway into the coffee. It was named after hood on the habit of the capuchin monks. Because of its thick foam and additional flavorings, this coffee drink is usually associated with indulgence and comfort.

Pour in the double espresso, then add the steamed milk, allowing the froth to pile a little on top. The barista can play with a latte art as he pours the milk. Finally, a coco or cinnamon may be shaken on top.


Macchiato itself means mark or strain. It refers to the mark that steamed milk leaves on the surface of the espresso as it is dashed into the drink.

This espresso drink comes with a blob of foamed milk in the middle. Among the espresso-based coffees, macchiato has the highest espresso to milk ratio. One recipe requires just one teaspoon of milk.


A taller version of the standard macchiato that is usually identifiable through its distinct layers of coffee and steamed milk.


Originating from New Zealand and Australia, flat white is a close cousin of the cappuccino but lacks the foam layer and chocolate powder. Steamed milk from the bottom of the jug is used instead of from the top. Thus, it keeps the drink creamy rather than frothy.


A popular drink for breakfast that is believed to have originated during World War II. Soldiers would add water to their coffee in order to extend their rations farther. The espresso will be diluted and still maintains a high level of caffeine. Americanos may be served with milk.


Australians consider long black as their version of Americano. Its name refers to an espresso being poured atop the hot water instead of the other way around. Long black coffee generally has more crema compared to an Americano.


Due to the amount of milk in the beverage, the acidity and bitterness of coffee are cut – thus considering it an introductory coffee drink. Coffee lovers who prefer a sweeter drink can use syrups for additional flavouring.


Pretty similar to a latte, café con leche is a Spanish style of coffee. It comes with equal parts of espresso and scalded milk combined with sugar to taste.


Exactly made like an espresso, this drink is twice as long as lungo. Café crema used a coarser grind of coffee bean, waiting for the blonde crema to appear on top. It has been popular in Northern Italy and Switzerland but not widely available in the UK.


One of the espresso types of coffee drinks following a one is to one ratio of espresso and steamed milk. Unlike other coffees, Antoccino does not come with the usual froth.


Also known as Doppio which means ‘double’ in Italian. It is essentially a double shot of espresso using a double coffee filter. One of the types of coffee drinks that is highly concentrated and strong.


Once of the types of coffee drinks that is a controversial choice. However, its name has nothing to do with Rome, or indeed, Italy.

Espresso Romano is just an espresso or lungo served with a slice of lemon, which should be run around the edge of the cup before drinking. As a result, the sourness of the lemon will bring out the sweetness in the coffee. You can add a spoonful of sugar as an option.


Sugar is added to the cup before pouring the hot coffee over the top. The espresso is whipped, thus making it sweeter and slightly thicker.


It takes the macchiato coffee drink one step further by evenly balancing the espresso with warm milk. Thus, it reduces the acidity.


A Cuban equivalent of the cortado. This coffee drink uses condensed milk since fresh milk was often difficult to find.


Its name comes from the texture it creates from melting the marshmallows combining with the coffee. Gommosa is a sweet coffee drink that was invented in America’s Pacific Northwest, perfect way to get caffeine fix during colder weather.

The American version of the latte, Breve provides a decadent twist on the average espresso. It makes use of steamed half-and-half with a single shot of espresso and a frothy milk top. The cream creates a richer drink and fluffy foam on top.


An equal parts espresso and condensed milk, Bombon is made famous in Valencia, Spain. They often serve it in glass so that when condensed milk is poured in, it will sink to the bottom and create a distinct cream band in contrast to the dark coffee above. Take note that you should stir it first before drinking.


Often compared to the Americano coffee drink because of their nearly identical recipe. Café zorro is a double shot of espresso (60ml) added to water with a 1:1 ratio.


Just like a coffee latte, Galao is a Portuguese drink that requires 1 part espresso to 3 parts foamed milk served in a tall glass.


It is believed to have mythological origins in Sydney, Australia, wherein the baristas wanted to try their roast all day without drinking a lot. In order to make a piccolo latte, you will specifically need 30ml of espresso to 70ml of silky, warm milk in a tiny cup.


Coffee Combination Drinks


Instead of an espresso shot, a French press is used to bring out different flavors in the coffee when making café au lait. Then, you can pair it with scalded milk instead of steamed milk and poured at a 50/50 ratio.


Also known as a “shot in the dark” or an “eye opener.” Basically, you will just combine a regular coffee with espresso to come up with a coffee that has increased flavor intensity or caffeine content.


One of the types of coffee drinks that aims to add a boost of caffeine to your standard cup of coffee.


Double the red eye coffee drink and it will result to black eye coffee with very high caffeine content.


A cup of coffee with three added espresso shots. It is the triple red eye coffee!


Lazy eye coffee drink features all the espresso flavors and coffee that you want. However, it lacks half the caffeine because of the decaf coffee used.


A coffee beverage that is being infused with nitrogen gas, thus giving the drink its very own name. Typically made from cold brew, nitro coffee is rich and foamy, with naturally sweet flavor (without any sugar added).


This coffee is blended to reach the consistency similar to a foamy latte. Bulletproof coffee contains unsalted grass-fed butter and “Brain Octane Oil” (pure caprylic acid triglyceride from highly refined coconut oil).


Botz, which literally means “mud”, is one of the most common types of coffee in Israel. The boiling hot water is poured over Turkish finely ground coffee, thus allowing the drink to cool and the grounds to settle on the bottom. Botz coffee is typically served with sugar and cardamom.


Types of Coffee Drinks with Tea


Popularly made in Hong Kong, Yuenyeung coffee drink combined the coffee and the Hong Kong-style milk tea.


A single shot of espresso with steamed milk with concentrated chai thrown in. Dirty chai latte can be enjoyed hot or cold, over ice or blended.


Combining a double shot of espresso or strong coffee with the traditional Thai iced tea results to a black tie coffee drink. Thai iced tea is a mixture of black tea, spices and condensed milk or cream.


This coffee drink with tea is made just like black tie but only with a single shot of espresso.


Coffee Drinks with Alcohol


It combines a coffee and a shot of Bailey’s Irish Cream liqueur about 25ml, with a whipped cream topping served in a clear liqueur coffee glass.


This coffee/alcohol combination is made by a mixture of coffee, whiskey, cream and sometimes sugar.


Pharisee is a popular coffee drink from North Frisian Island in Nordstrand, Germany. It is made with black coffee, a double shot of rum, and whipped cream topping, served in a mug.


An Italian coffee drink with alcohol that combines a shot of espresso that is “corrected” with a shot of liquor such as brandy, grappa, or sambuca. The trick is you drink the coffee first, then ‘correct’ the mistake by pouring the grappa into the espresso cup. Drink all the way the lovely crema with the grappa and enjoy the kick of alcohol!


Another Spanish style coffee drink combining coffee with either rum, whiskey, brandy, or anisette. An American version of carajillo is served in a sugar-rimmed mug set to flame. It will then caramelize the sugar then top it with whipped cream.


A drink that originated from Rudesheim Germany. It combines coffee, sugar and Asbach Uralt brandy and topped with whipped cream.


This traditional drink from Tenerife mixes Licor 43 with espresso, foamed milk, condensed sweetened milk, cinnamon and lemon.


Flavoured Coffee Drinks


For all the chocolate and coffee lovers out there, you will surely fall in love with this chocolatey version of the latte. Mocha is made with sweet cocoa powder topped up with warm milk and a single shot of espresso. Additionally, a chocolate syrup can be poured around the inside of the glass and stirred in as you drink.


It originates from the Italian word meaning ‘drowned.’ Rather than the usual coffee drink you would find at a café, affogato is more of a dessert coffee. Scoop a vanilla ice cream into your cup, then pour over a hot shot of espresso.


Firstly, sprinkle the cocoa powder into the cup and spread Nutella (or its equivalent) around the walls inside the glass. Then, pour over an espresso shot, add foamed milk on top, and then sprinkle with more cocoa.


It comes from a French word ‘miel’ which means honey. Melya coffee drink isn’t something you see at any of the coffee shops, especially the really big chains. Combine 3 ounces of espresso with cocoa powder and honey. Thus, it produces just the right sweet and delicious chocolaty flavour.


An Italian coffee name which originated in a historic Seattle coffeehouse. Typically, it is a double shot of espresso poured over an orange peel and chocolate syrup with whipped cream atop.


A traditional Mexican coffee drink that requires earthen clay pot when preparing. Café de olla combines spices and coffee in a clay pot. It can also be flavoured with piloncillo (also called panela, an unrefined whole cane sugar) and cinnamon.


Marocchino is an Italian coffee drink similar to espressino. Both drinks are made with espresso, cocoa powder and milk froth. Its flavour reminisces other drinks that use the same ingredients, such as mocha.


Vienna coffee drink comes with a few variations, but the most common one is made with two main ingredients – espresso and whipped cream. Pour two shots of espresso into a normal-sized coffee mug then top it up with whipped cream. Optionally, you may add a chocolate syrup first before pouring the espresso shots. Sprinkle over with cocoa or choco flakes for a nicer treat!


Borgia is a mocha served with orange rind (orange flavouring also works) and a topping of whipped cream and cinnamon.

CAFÉ RAPIDO Y SUCIO (or Quick and Dirty Coffee)

This coffee drink consists of three shots of espresso and chocolate syrup only. Take note that this isn’t mixed with water or milk.


A coffee drink from Vietnam that combines Robusta coffee, sugar, condensed milk, and egg yolk.


A coffee drink that has rapidly become popular in Indonesia. In order to make kopi susu, simply mix black coffee made as cold brew and sweetened condensed milk. It can be cooled while coffee grounds settle to the bottom.


Just like any other types of coffee drinks, your coffee can be combined with flavoured coffee syrups. For instance, French vanilla, caramel, chocolate, hazelnut, and Irish Cream (non-alcoholic).


Types of Iced Coffee Drinks


One of the popular iced coffee drinks that originated in Greece. Frappe is being blended, beaten, or shaken until it reaches a frothy consistency. It is served cold with whipped cream and other additives like milk, sugar, vanilla and syrups.


These are some of the popular types of coffee drinks combined with cold milk instead of steamed milk as in the case of regular lattes and mochas.


On hot summers, this iced coffee drink is popular in Greece. It comes with double shots of espresso and sugar. In a shaker, you will place the espresso with a few ice cubes and mixed for about 20 seconds. Then, pour the coffee over ice to cool the drink and dilute the bitterness. Freddo espresso is a foamy drink.


Just like Freddo espresso, it is also popular among the Greeks. It is made just like the former, but with cold milk foam atop.


A Vietnamese coffee drink which literally means ‘iced milk coffee.’ It combines black coffee with sweetened condensed milk, and then poured over ice.


With two shots of espresso, Palazzo is chilled and mixed with a sweetened cream after brewing. An iced coffee variant popular in Southern California.


An Algerian drink that may be named for the Mazagran castle. Way back 1840, mazagran was served to French colonial troops, thus making it famous in the Parisian cafes.

Mazagran is made by pouring a hot, strong coffee over ice cubes in a tall narrow glass with a separate water glass. However, there are some variants for this drink:

  • Sugar syrup can be used as a sweetener.
  • This drink is often served with lemon in Catalonia and Portugal.
  • Austrians take this to a fun level by serving it with rum and downed in a single gulp.


A take on the coffee drink from Germany made with iced coffee and vanilla ice cream. Eiskaffee may be prepared by a normal coffee brewing and then serve it over ice or in cold milk. On the other hand, you can brew the coffee cold. When hot brewing, sweetener and flavoring for coffee may be added prior to cooling as they dissolve faster in hot liquids.


Shakerato, an Italian coffee drink, is like the freddo espresso. A single shot of fresh espresso is shaken together with the ice cubes to create a froth. This shaken espresso then is served in a martini glass.


Ice shot was originated in Australia that includes one shot of espresso poured over ice in a regular latte glass. Dilute the hot coffee with a few ice and then refroze to a slushy texture.


Not your ordinary iced coffee. Café Con Hielo is so much more than a coffee with ice. Simply drop three sugar cubes into your cup, then top it with a ristretto. Server it with another cup of ice to pour the mixture over the top. Alternatively, a sorbet is used instead of ice. Many serve it with a slice of lemon too.


The coffee is likened to a subtle Spanish variation on the café romano and the café con hielo. A glass of ice and lemon is served with long espresso coffee. You can optionally add sugar to the espresso before pouring it over the ice.


Other Types of Coffee Drinks


It refers to a type of coffee made using decaffeinated beans. Unlike the other types of coffee drinks, Decaf undergoes a process where 97% of the caffeine from coffee is removed – called decaffeination process. Like any other regular coffees, it can be served hot or cold, and with or without milk.

Many people love to drink coffee but there have always been health problems to watch. In that case, a decaf coffee can be more applicable to them. Over-consumption of caffeine could result to nervousness and a fast heartbeat. But with 97% caffeine content removed from this type of coffee drink, there’s nothing to worry about.

There are various techniques in order to remove caffeine from the coffee. For instance, soaking the coffee beans in water and/or passing the beans through a solvent that dissolves the caffeine.


One of the many types of coffee drinks served as a shot or small amount. Pocillo is an unsweetened coffee made from a moka pot or espresso machine.

In Latin American countries, pocillo coffee is widely served as an after-dinner beverage. Its name is meant to describe “a little bit of coffee” or coffee in a smaller-than-usual coffee cup.


A soft of like manufactured chocolate syrup that works with your milk to make a chocolate milk. Alternatively, a coffee milk is made by adding a manufactured sweetened coffee concentrate to milk.


Ground coffee beans that have already been brewed make the instant coffee.

Several different manufacturers use various processes, but essentially, the coffee is dehydrated into powder or granules. Afterwards, it can be rehydrated using hot or cold water for an ‘instant’ cup of coffee. Other coffee brands make instant coffee in a form of concentrated liquid.


We all know that ground coffees are sold in large cans. But with this canned coffee, coffee is already brewed and ready to be sipped!

This is widely popular in Japan and other countries. And you can often see them in supermarkets, convenience stores and vending coffee machines.


Commonly known in South India, this coffee drink is made from dark roasted coffee beans. It is also called as Indian filter coffee, Mysore filter coffee, or Kaapi.


You can make your cowboy coffee easily by just boiling water in a saucepan and still in the coffee grounds. Once the grounds settle to the bottom of the pan, you can start pouring slowly the coffee into a mug and drink.

Old-fashioned cowboy coffee method can keep you from going through coffee withdrawal whenever your coffee maker is troubling you, or if you are out for camping and you’re craving for a coffee.