The chef's dance - behind the scenes

Supplier: Protech Commercial Kitchens By: Jean - Sydney Broadsheet Jun-Jul 2019
27 August, 2019

Do you know the 'behind scenes' drama in the kitchen? The dance the chef does getting a dish to your table on time, at temperature and in order?

So you arrive at a restaurant, and your order is received.

You get your glass of perfectly chilled wine, and you sit back and relax!

Here's when the kitchen goes into 'life'. 

The docket is received at the pass. Orders spit out rapidly, so the King Chef, captain of this kitchen, is never too far from the printer.

In a loud voice, he assigns each section of the docket to a different station. “Three Kilpatricks!” gets the oysters underway. “One Fillet Mignon on the back!” tells the sauce chef to begin cooking the beef at the hot section (a 30-minute task). Each chef acknowledges the order with a loud “Yes chef!”, so the chef can mark the item off with a highlighter.

The shucked oysters arrive for inspection by sight. They pass muster. Chef summons a waiter by dinging his bell and says “three Clare de Lunes for table 101”. The waiter repeats the order back to him, then it’s off to the table. The chef will taste every other type of dish before it goes out.

The chef assigns the snacks and starters. He first calls the spanner crab with fried green tomato to the hot section. Once cooked, he assembles the dish himself at the pass, requesting “one tuna tartare” from the cold larder section at the same time. The tuna arrives by the time the Chef’s done plating the crab. Both dishes are sent off.

A pause, and a quick consultation with Evelyn to see if 101 is ready for mains or not.


Chef first calls out “one snapper” to the hot section, knowing it will take five minutes to cook and garnish. The beef, which has been resting, is called for its final preparation with shiitakes and finishing sauces. Chef tags the potatoes onto the order and calls the cos berg salad to the cold larder. Finally, he yells out “two minutes!” – a cue for everything to be plated and sent to the pass for inspection and service.

And voila – your perfectly cooked meal, with garnishes arrives, together,

with all the dishes of the other diners at your table. Perfectly, cooked to your liking!


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