SwiftPOS v10 Released!!!

Supplier: SwiftPOS
02 August, 2021

With the success of Version 9 and after a transformative year, 2021 sees the release of SwiftPOS Version 10 with a focus on providing solutions to a “new normal” hospitality sector.

SwiftPOS (MSL Solutions Ltd.), after the successful acquisition of SwiftPOS by MSL Solutions Ltd. in November of 2020, SwiftPOS Version 10 is the first product released under the MSL Solutions Group.

Version 10 builds upon the foundations set in Version 9, enhancing functionality and usability for front-end users and developing secure connections for venues and back of house management.

Further, the rapid change in consumer behaviour as a result of the new normal, became a key focus for Version 10. New ordering capabilities means a simplified and streamlined process for smartphone ordering and payment solutions, creating succinct point-of-sale channels for delivery, take-away and in-house order at table solutions.

Key Version 10 features include:

  • A new Back Office interface
  • New management alerts including VIP customers
  • Increased clerk safeguard management and security
  • Advanced Ordering Capabilites
  • Enhanced functionality for cloud hosting and,
  • Advanced Xero integration for larger venues

Additionally, Version 10 overall sees 250+ new and enhanced features added to the SwiftPOS suite, making this one of the biggest version releases of the software in SwiftPOS 25-year history.

SwiftPOS is a subsidiary of MSL Solutions Limited, developing and supplying point-of-sale software solutions for the hospitality, leisure, retail and sport sectors. SwiftPOS operates in over 4,000 venues from stadiums, to multi-venue clubs and hotel groups to cafes and restaurants. SwiftPOS creates a whole point-of-sale solution for all aspects of a venue’s operation, from POS terminals, to CRM, member management, clerk management, accounts and stock control. SwiftPOS operates in over 26 countries with our head office located in Brisbane, Australia.